Cognex Launches New AI-Assisted Barcode Reader

Oct. 26, 2023
Barcode reader designed for machine vision applications in logistics, manufacturing.

Cognex Corporation recently launched the DataMan 380 series of fixed-mount, image-based barcode readers. The DataMan 380 barcode readers are equipped with a CMOS sensor and have up to 5320 x 3032, 16.13 MPixel resolution. Shutter speeds range from 15 μs (minimum exposure) to 200 ms (maximum exposure). They are equipped with C-mount Cognex high speed liquid lenses. They have one opto-isolated acquisition trigger input and up to three general purpose inputs when connected to the Breakout cable, and two ethernet ports. With AI accelerated decoding, they are designed to increase throughput by simultaneously processing 1D and 2D codes and are especially designed for machine vision applications in logistics and manufacturing operations, such as reading codes during robotic pick-and-place applications, scanning packages on pallets, and reading barcodes on tires.

To Learn More:

Contact: Cognex Corporation

Headquarters: Natick, MA, USA

Product: DataMan 380 series

Key Features: CMOS sensor, up to 16.13 MPixel resolution, high speed liquid lens

What Cognex says: View more information on DataMan 380 series. 

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