CCS Launches LED Lighting Digital Power Supply

Nov. 14, 2023
Units designed for image processing applications.

CCS America Inc. has launched a new LED lighting digital power supply for imaging processes, the CD-VA Series. Units are available in a two-channel,100 W unit or a 200 W, four-channel unit. Both are constant-voltage systems that can operate in strobe/overdrive and continuous modes, and both have PWM control and variable voltage control. The units can be externally controlled via ethernet, USB, parallel  communication, and RS-232C communication. A maximum of four units can be connected for a total of up to16 separate channels. All units currently have an 80 x 98 x 116 mm footprint; two channel models weigh 260 g and four channel models weigh 360 g. All are rated IP20.

To Learn More:

Contact:CCS America Inc.

Headquarters: Woburn, MA, USA

Product: CD-VA series

Key Features: Up to 200 W, PWM and variable voltage control, up to 16 separate lighting channels

What CCS Inc. says: View more information on CD-VA series

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