LumeDEL LLC Launches New LED source

Nov. 16, 2023
LED designed for industrial, life sciences, medical vision applications.

LumeDEL LLC recently launched a new fiber-coupled LED source, the NewDEL X3312, the latest addition to the NewDEL line. This new light source features a phosphor-coated UV-LED which emits broad spectrum, 330 nm -1100 nm wavelength and has a maximum optical power of 65 mW. It is equipped with its own driver and microcontroller circuitry. Like all NewDEL light sources, it has an SMA 905 type connector for multi-mode optical fibers with core diameters up to 1000 µm and can operate both manually or remotely, in pulse width modulation, internal trigger or external trigger modes. It has a 119.1 x 115.1 x 51.6 mm footprint and weighs .5 kg.

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Headquarters: Manchester, NH, USA

Product: NewDEL X3312

Key Features: 330-1100 nm wavelength, 65mW max optical power, manual or remote operation

What LumeDEL says: View more information on NewDEL X3312

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