Advanced Illumination Launches New Backlight Series

March 25, 2024
Light source designed for machine vision applications requiring high intensity, diffuse backlight source.

Advanced Illumination recently launched a new series of backlights, the BL2. This LED-based light source is designed for uniformity of light output, with 1 x 1 inch arrays of high power industrial grade LEDs capable of high output strobe, positioned behind the emitter window. It has five available wavelength options, including white, 470 nm, 530 nm, 625 nm and 850 nm. Collimation and polarization options are available.

Designed with extrusion-based aluminum and weighing 2204 g per 12 in x 12 in unit , the BL2 is made with extrusion-based aluminum for durability but still allowing for planar, two-dimensional scalability. It is built with M6 mounting channels on all four sides of the unit, allowing for adjustment versatility. It has an operating ambient temperature range of 0° to 35° C. The BL2 is designed especially for such machine vision applications as edge detection, presence and absence, hole detection and object gauging.

To Learn More:

Contact: Advanced Illumination

Headquarters: Rochester, VT, USA

Product: BL2 Backlight

Key Features: Industrial grade LED, 5 wavelengths, M6 mounting

What Advanced Illumination says: View more information on BL2 Backlight series.

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