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June 1, 2006
CMOS camera gives stop action; Camcorder works in near-UV; PC/104 module enhances configurability; Small IR camera has 25-µm pitch and MORE…

CMOS camera gives stop action

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Delivering 62 frames/s at full 4-Mpixel (2352 x 1728) resolution in 8 or 10 bits through a Medium Camera Link interface, the 4M60 SA offers 7.4 μm square pixels, 1000X antiblooming, and global (nonrolling) shuttering for high-speed stop-action imaging. Features include concurrent integration and readout, built-in diagnostics, and programmable control of gain, offset, and exposure, as well as per-pixel flat-field correction to compensate for variations in illumination, lens, or sensor response.
Waterloo, ON, Canada

Camcorder works in near-UV

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Digital, compact camcorder, the UVCorder, is a lightweight, portable system designed for viewing scenes in the near-UV in real time on a 3.5-in. LCD display. The ultraviolet camera module features enhanced UV response in the 300- to 400-nm range, with a peak response at 370 nm, and excellent rejection of visible and infrared light. The module is mounted on a commercial camcorder, from which it receives power. The UVCorder can acquire color video and stills for reference purposes.
Oculus Photonics
Goleta, CA, USA

PC/104 module enhances configurability

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GPIO-MM is a flexible and reconfigurable PC/104 digital I/O module based on a Xilinx Spartan II FPGA. Use of an FPGA to implement the digital I/O logic allows the GPIO-MM hardware to be reprogrammed, in the field if necessary, to serve multiple PC/104 I/O applications with different digital I/O requirements. The initial configuration is backward-compatible with the company’s Quartz-MM and Garnet-MM series of fixed-configuration PC/104 I/O boards. An on-board EEPROM provides 256 bytes of user-accessible storage. GPIO MM operates over -40°C to +85°C.
Diamond Systems
Mountain View, CA, USA

Small IR camera has 25-µm pitch

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The MIRICLE 307K incorporates a high-resolution, uncooled microbolometer and measures 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in. Its 640 × 480, 307,200-pixel detector with 25-µm pitch extends the scope, range, and applications in the security and surveillance markets. The camera is available in a choice of housings, including hermetically sealed, gas purged, and ruggedized for unattended field or aerial use. Flexible lens arrangements include bayonet interchangeable and threaded mounts with lens options from wide angle to telephoto and dual field of view.
Thermoteknix Systems
Cambridge, UK

System is multifunctional

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PC-based and featuring application-specific solutions, SmallFrEYE_PC architecture supports multitasking, while modular software design enables various functional blocks to be combined and exercised as needed. The SmallFrEYE_PC primary modules include part detection, pin 1 detection, package location, mark inspection/optical character verification, and 2-D ball-grid-array inspection. Delivered ready to install and operate on an upgradeable Intel Pentium 4 processor-powered PC running Windows XP, the SmallFrEYE_PC has been configured with a FireWire camera/lens/lighting combination and outfitted with cards that support computer-controlled illumination, I/O, and networking.
The Value Engineering Alliance
Cambridge, MA, USA

Motherboard supports processing

AIMB-762 is an industrial ATX motherboard built on the Intel 945G Express. It supports dual-core Intel Pentium D and Intel Pentium 4 dual-core processors and delivers system enhancements through high-bandwidth interfaces such as dual-channel DDR2 533/677 memory, PCI Express interfaces, Serial-ATA II, and USB 2.0 connectivity. The AIMB-762 also features a graphics engine with flexible display options. Incorporating the Intel ICH7R chipset, the AIMB-762 can be expanded for future growth.
Irvine, CA, USA

DataMatrix library is updated

Combined with a DataMatrix code reader, intelligent cameras can identify 2-D codes that are, for example, printed on pharmaceutical drug packaging. Depending on the camera type, DataMatrix 4.2 enables up to 100 readings/s. This is made possible by the integration of the fast library software FASTlib. Another add-on is the IMG 3.C tool for cameras without video output, which enables the live transfer of images to a connected PC. Registered users can download a demonstration version from the company’s Web site.
Vision Components
Ettlingen, Germany

Camera has multiple uses

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Camera Link camera has 1/2-in. progressive-scan CCD and can operate from 24 to 230 frames/s (with partial scanning). The camera has 10-bit Camera Link digital output, continuous-scan or out-trigger mode, and full-frame shutter speed of 20 ms to 3 s. The C-mount camera comes in a 62 × 62 × 35-mm package.
Beijing JoinHope Image Technology
Beijing, China

Cameras support three sensors

EagleEye II series smart cameras support three types of area sensors: progressive CCD (1280 × 1024 B/W and color), global shutter CMOS (720 ×480 B/W and color), and rolling-shutter CMOS (2048 × 1536 color). They have a shutter time of 10 μs to 20 s; the trigger delay is a constant 10 μs; and they are powered by a TI 32-bit DSP (600 MHz). The cameras supply peak 4800 MIPS. They measure 40 × 50 × 110 mm.
Shanghai Ruishi Machine Vision Technology
Shanghai, China

Sensor has Camera Link interface

Mini-CIS provides contact image scanning in a package designed for use in computer vision systems and custom document scanners. Four models provide 100-, 200-, 400-, or 600-dpi resolution over a 216-mm active length. The Mini-CIS includes an internal red LED illuminator and a GRIN lens focused at the outer surface of the glass window. There is also a video processor providing correlated double sampling and automatic black-level control for the segmented CCD sensor array. Controls accessed through the serial port in the Camera Link base interface permit adjustment of gain and offset. Scan speeds range from 950 to 2400 Hz, depending on resolution.
Tichawa Vision
Friedberg, Germany

Cameras fit multiple applications

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Scout family of cameras is based on Sony CCD or Micron CMOS sensors and offers a variety of resolutions and speeds. Resolutions run from VGA to 2 Mpixels with either FireWire-b or GigE Vision interface and provide up to 12-bit depths and no bandwidth limitation on 8-bit data flow inside the camera. The cameras feature a GenICam-compliant API. GUI-based software lets users set camera parameters, adjust image quality, and control cameras from a remote computer. They are compatible with all common software libraries.
Ahrensburg, Germany

Card captures video in real time

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Aexeon Quattro is a real-time, four-channel video-capture and compression card for multiple camera applications. Each asynchronous video channel is fully independent, allowing for complete control of resolution, frame rate, video adjustment, and compression parameters per camera input. Aexeon Quattro comes equipped with a multipicture video output, image-processing functions, on-board motion detection, watchdog timer, I/O triggers, and relay alarm outputs, all without host CPU usage. A comprehensive API with C, C#, and .NET support, along with sample code, eases application development.
dPict Imaging
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Lens gives multiple FOVs

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FlexLens is available with 1-4 arms; each arm transmits an image back through the system into a C-mounted camera. The images can be combined or processed individually. The FlexLens features integrated LED-based illumination for applications with a short working distance and optional fiberoptic illumination for applications with longer working distances or where more light is required. Each arm can be ordered with independently focusable optics to address applications where each view has a different required working distance.
Volpi USA
Auburn, NY, USA

Subsystem has two heads

Nexis, an image-acquisition subsystem, features two remote camera heads combined with a dual camera-control unit and frame grabber on a single PC/104-Plus card. Nexis supports simultaneous acquisition from the two camera heads, which are available in a compact body. The camera heads make use of interline-transfer progressive-scan CCD image sensors with square pixels; the family of available sensors includes support for sub to megapixel resolutions, higher readout or frame rates, and monochrome or color imaging. It is intended for use and sold with the company’s 4Sight M industrial vision computer.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada

Sensor has expanded FOV

KAC-00400 is an optical-format image sensor that can capture still and motion images. Designed in a wide-VGA format (768 × 488 pixels) that offers 20% more pixels than a standard VGA sensor, the expanded field of view provides additional data for pattern-recognition and object-detection algorithms. Frame rate is 60 frames/s, allowing capture of rapid movements. An on-chip 12-bit A/D converter, fixed-pattern noise-elimination circuits, and a video gain amplifier are provided.
Rochester, NY, USA

Wizard eases lens decisions

Automated lens selector, the Optical Wizard, generates basic and customized solutions for machine-vision applications. After entering fundamental parameters of an imaging system, such as field of view, the Optical Wizard offers a step-by-step process for adding motorization, lighting, polarization, and various mechanical features. Lens choices are from manufacturers such as Fujinon, Melles Griot, and Rodenstock. The selector lists how fine a detail the selected lenses will let you resolve, the magnification ranges, working distance, field coverage, and depth of field of each lens option.
Rochester, NY, USA

Board converts four channels

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Tetra-PMC+ board is a high-speed analog input board that provides data capture for four 14-bit A/D channels running at up to 105 MHz, streaming the data directly to an Altera Cyclone II reconfigurable FPGA. The Cyclone II provides control over the A/Ds and handles the distribution of the high-speed converted data while providing configurable preprocessing of the data, enabling digital filtering, decimation, and digital down conversion. The data can be transferred to the base board over the PMC interface by the Cyclone II.
Concord, NH, USA

Camera combines visible/thermal imaging

Dual-sensor, high-resolution, fully automatic CCD camera, the Thermal-Eye 2400xp, combines visible and thermal imaging in one camera. It features solar immunity, which allows it to stare directly into sunlight without the need for filters so there is no degradation in image quality, and it monitors the full perimeter in darkness, even in challenging weather conditions, eliminating the need for enhanced light. It uses barium strontium titanate thermal-imaging technology to provide a clear 320 × 240-pixel image and is equipped with a 25X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom. The unit is available in either NTSC or PAL video output formats.
L-3 Communications Infrared Products
Dallas, TX, USA

Shutter is efficient

The 25-mm aperture version of the company’s N-CAS (noncontact actuation system) shutter, the NS25, has only six moving parts, five of which are the shutter blades. There are no solenoids, no linkages, and no external damping system. The damping system has been integrated into the device to provide long-lasting, quiet operation. The unit can be configured for unistable or bistable operation.
Vincent Associates
Rochester, NY, USA

Linescan camera runs fast

LightWise LW-PE-2048-1394, a 1394 linescan camera, has 2048 × 1 pixels running at 18K lines/s. Based on the Perkin-Elmer Super Sensitive CCD, it is low-cost, small form factor for OEM customers. This camera is targeted toward machine vision, automated assembly, and metrology.
Imaging Solutions Group
Fairport, NY, USA

Lenses prevent aberration

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Lenses of the optics family LS 16-64 mm are for application with high-resolution sensors. Each system has 9 to 12 lenses. With MTF-values greater than 80% for 40 lp/mm over the whole field, the lenses are constant. The optics systems were calculated for the close range of about 1000 to 250 mm and an extended spectral area.
IB/E Ing.-Büro K. Eckerl
Hutthurm, Germany

Remote-head camera is small

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The CS3821D, a remote-head monochrome camera, is engineered for applications where mounting space is restricted or a lightweight camera is needed. It features industrial-grade ruggedness, 60-frame/s output at full VGA resolution, and the capability to mount the 17 × 36-mm head up to 2 m away from the control unit on the end of a robot arm, a positioning stage, or a gantry. A progressive-scan, 1/3-in. CCDs gives output at high frame rates.
Toshiba Teli America
Irvine, CA, USA

MPEG device converts signals

The 2250 video-capture device converts analog NTSC or PAL color video and audio into one of the supported MPEG digital video formats: MPEG1, MPEG2 (MP@ML), or MPEG4 (SP@L3). It connects to the host computer, is powered through a USB 2.0 port, and is shipped in a metal enclosure.
Tigard, OR, USA

Detector is QWIP-based

Compact, 640 × 512, 20-µm pitch TV-format-compatible LWIR detector based on quantum-well infrared photodetectors (QWIPs), Sirius operates at 75 K (-198˚C). It uses a compact Stirling microcooler, which reduces the size of other components in the IR detector and, therefore, lowers its cost.
Grenoble, France

Module aids production

Web Server Modules offer remote access, making it possible to check status of products in real time. The modules can be used with several of the company’s PLCs, including the FC4A MicroSmart, OpenNet Controllers, and the Micro3C. Features include remote maintenance; use of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to monitor or update a PLC with a custom, built-in, monitor dialog box; I/O connectivity, which means touchscreens and MicroSmart PLCs can communicate even when located in separate areas; and password protection.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

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