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Software aids board inspection

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RTI version 4.9 software runs on the SV-7550 automated optical inspection system and the SVX-2000 automated optical and x-ray inspection system. Its algorithms and autoreset option improve the yield of printed-circuit-board assembly with a 50% reduction in setup time, 15% fewer false calls, and 10% reduction in inspection cycle time. Other features include inspection parameter traceability, improved CAD import, an image package library, optical character recognition, resistor color-band confirmation, gap-measurement inspection, and links to inspection algorithms. Existing algorithms are updated to include object matching and graphical inspection parameter statistics.
Photon Dynamics Inc.,
San Jose, CA;
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Frame grabber has video processor

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FlashBus Prism bus-mastering frame grabber uses a Philips TriMedia very-long-instruction-word video processor and a 16-Mbye SDRAM to provide interpolated scaling, hardware overlay, real-time video rotation, and video output functions. With multiple composite, S-Video, and component video inputs, video outputs, and video capture, it handles image analysis, medical and scientific imaging, and video surveillance. The board captures images from up to four RGB or YCrCb component, eight S-Video, or 16 composite/monochrome video sources in NTSC or PAL format. Video can be captured and stored in either square-pixel or CCIR-601 resolutions and can be scaled to an arbitrary size. Switching of up to 20 images/s between camera inputs is available. Software support includes a software developer kit and DLLs for Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP operating systems. Source-code samples are included in both Visual C and Visual BASIC.
Integral Technologies Inc., Indianapolis, IN;
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Cables withstand abuse

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Flexlife-10 cables are rated at 10 million cycles of flexing, bending, and twisting motion while conducting power and data signals on the factory floor. They use oil-, water-, and abrasion-resistant thermoplastic elastomer and polyurethane jackets, Teflon flex facilitators, and up to 19 custom alloy conductors. UL-recognized and CSA-approved, these cables are available as molded cordsets or spooled cable in 30-, 100-, or 200-m lengths with standard connectors. Operating temperatures range from –40°C to 105°C.
Turck Inc., Minneapolis, MN;
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Camera stops action

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Dalstar 2M30-SA area-scan camera uses a 2-Mpixel interline-transfer CCD sensor with 7.4-sq µm pixels in either 1600 × 1200- or 1920 × 1080-pixel resolution. Selectable 8- or 10-bit digital output is available. Frame rate is 30 frames/s at full resolution, and total data rate is 80 MHz. Programmable features and diagnostics are accessible through a Camera Link MDR26 connector. Color is optional.
Dalsa, Waterloo, ON, Canada;
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Board compresses video FalconEye PCI bus wavelet-compression board can switch video sources and digitize, compress, and store compressed video data to either fixed or removable media. Compressed data can be transmitted to a local/remote location through a LAN, WAN, or Internet connection. The board supports color (NTSC/PAL/Y-C) or monochrome (RS-170/CCIR) video sources. On-board compression hardware can process 60 fields/s of CCIR601 digital video. Up to 16 event inputs and two strobe outputs are accommodated, and inputs are programmable to generate alarm signals. Videos from up to 16 cameras are selectable for recording/transmission. Up to eight video sources are supported on an MDR 36-pin connector. Active channels and frame rate of each channel are software-programmable. A supplied utility operates Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
MuTech Corp., Billerica, MA;
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Module aids frame grabbers Digital input module extends the image-acquisition and processing capabilities of the Bandit-II RGB (AGP) color and Bandit-II MV monochrome frame grabbers. Bandit-II Module acquires images at resolutions up to 2048 × 1024 pixels from single- or dual-tap area-scan cameras at 8 bits/pixel wide at 60 MHz or 10 bits/pixel wide at 30 MHz in dual-channel mode. It is LVDS and RS-422 compatible and features four 256 × 8-bit and one 1024 × 8-bit programmable input look-up tables. Bandit-II Digital Module comes as a bundle with the Bandit-II RGB and MV frame grabbers.
Coreco Imaging Inc., St. Laurent, QC, Canada;
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X-ray system checks boards VJ-2000 automated x-ray system can inspect boards up to 24 x 36 in. It provides imagery with up to 5000X magnification for BGAs, wire bonds, and various chip-scale packages. A closed-loop servo-driven platform maintains better than 5-mil location accuracy, while a five-axis manipulator aids in component/defect location. Nexus 200 software provides Windows NT-based image analysis and CAD-based programming. A 20-Gbyte hard drive and a CD writer serve image and data archival.
VJ Technologies Inc., Bohemia, NY;
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Systems identify tires, wheels TIS-8000 tire-identification system offers in-process verification, identification, tracking, and sorting of tire treads and sidewalls during manufacturing, mounting, and shipping. WIS-8000 wheel-identification system automatically recognizes wheel spoke patterns, finishes, and ..distinct features prior to balancing and installing. Both systems are equipped with a company PC-based machine-vision frame grabber, Sony XC-55 camera kit, application software, network connectivity, and specifications for lighting and light booth construction.
Cognex Corp., Natick, MA;
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Camera kits offer options Evolution MP and Evolution QE camera kits come integrated with the company's Image-Pro imaging software and a FireWire (IEEE 1394) digital interface. Evolution MP color camera kit offers a 5.1-Mpixel CCD sensor that captures a complete image with a full field of view. A variety of selectable resolutions and capture speeds are available, such as thermoelectric cooling for added sensitivity. Evolution QE camera kit suits low-light and fluorescent imaging. This cooled monochrome camera offers an optional RGB filter, produces low-noise 12-bit images, and suits image preview and high-speed streaming to memory for advanced research microscopy.
Media Cybernetics Inc., Silver Spring, MD;
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Mirrors work off-axis Parabolic metal mirrors can direct and focus incident collimated light at 30°, 60°, or 90° off-axis. They are sections of a parabola form and can focus the light to a spot that is more accessible to users than an on-axis focal spot. The mirrors are typically used as collimators in Schlierien systems, MTF systems, and laser-beam expanders. The parabolic mirrors have diameters of either 25.4 or 50.8 mm and effective focal lengths ranging from about 25 to more than 150 mm. The quarter-wave aluminum 6061-T6 substrate mirrors come with protected aluminum coatings for visible applications or protected gold coatings for use in forward-looking infrared test systems. Each mirror has a 6-32 TPI tapped hole for accurate mounting.
Edmund Industrial Optics Inc., Barrington, NJ;
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Camera offers fast shutter GP-MF622 1/2-in. interline-transfer CCD monochrome camera delivers 768 × 494-pixels and produces 570 NTSC lines of resolution at a minimum scene illumination of 1 lux at f/1.4. It provides 10 electronic shutter speeds of 1/100 to 1/96,000 s and a signal-to-noise ratio of 56 dB. Weighing 86 g and measuring 29 × 29 × 65 mm, the camera withstands a shock resistance of 80G and a vibration resistance of 10G. Key features include a C lens mount, reset shutter trigger, selectable frame-accumulation or field-accumulation scanning modes, automatic internal or external synchronization, two video outputs, and an adjustable gain control from 0 to 6 dB.
Panasonic Vision Systems, Secaucus, NJ;
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Camera runs cool AstroCam cooled CCD camera uses a hermetically sealed Kodak KAF1602 sensor with full-frame, 1536 × 1024-pixel resolution. Readout rates are 150, 250, 500, 625, and 800 kHz, and exposure time ranges from 10 ms to 1 hour. Features include a quantum efficiency of 60% at 600 nm, a spectral range of 300 to 1000 nm, a dynamic range of 84 dB unbinned, and binning of 1 × 1 to 128 × 128 asymmetrical. A PC interface is available as RS-422A or Camera Link. Camera cooling runs to –40°C. Software support includes ImagePro and Win32.dll.
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, Santa Clara, CA;
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Fluorescent lights are sealed Sealed in a NEMA 12 housing, a line of fluorescent fixtures are available in Twin 4-, 6-, 8-, and 13-W configurations. The fixtures function at a converter frequency of 25 to 85 kHz, measure 4.3 ¥ 2.21 × 7.84 to 22.84 in., and include lamps with a 7000-hour lifetime. A variety of lamps provide a white color temperature of 4200K or 5100K and peak color wavelengths of 365 to 658 nm. Optional polarizers, diffusers, and filters are available.
StockerYale Inc., Salem, NH;
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