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March 1, 2003
Portable PC serves field and factory; Frame grabber uses Camera Link; Camera suits microscopy; MORE...

Portable PC serves field and factory

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NBX series of portable PCs provides a 1.4-GHz CPU and five or six built-in drive bays with three ISA and three PCI slots, five PCI slots, or six PCI slots. All PCs contain a 128-Mbyte RAM, a 40-Gbyte hard drive, a CR-ROM, a floppy drive, a detachable keyboard, two 9-pin RS-232 ports, and an enhanced parallel printer port. Heavy-duty aluminum chassis with impact-resistant molded shells withstand harsh environments. TFT-LCD color displays offer 14.1-, 15.1-, or 15.4-in. screens that show 256,000 colors at resolutions to 1400 × 1050 pixels, and an AGP video card. Side-sliding door allows access to slots and ports.
CyberResearch Inc.
Branford, CT, USA
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Frame grabber uses Camera Link

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Barracuda CL color and monochrome frame grabber comes with Camera Link interface. It supports common Camera Link cameras and provides two Base configuration inputs, up to 8000 pixels per line, asynchronous trigger, 16/32 Mbytes of on-board memory, a 12-V power output for the camera, and camera communication script language. Software support includes 16-bit look-up tables, a software-developer kit, Windows 2000/XP, and Microsoft DirectDraw overlay surface mode.
Imaging Development Systems
Obersulm Germany
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Camera suits microscopy

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DP70 digital camera for microscopists uses a shifting CCD system to obtain still images at 4080 × 3072 or 12.5 million pixels without interpolation in 3 s. At 15 frames/s, live mode of 680 × 512 pixels allows focusing with nearly no distortion. Binning function permits the display of image previews without delay by combining the light intensity of 2 × 2- or 4 × 4-pixel areas. RGB color images can be captured in 12-bit resolution using color filters. The CCD chip is Peltier-cooled. Image-control software enables full-image displays, zooming, and image-portion saving along with a reference scale to the specimen size. Soft Imaging System analySIS software supports image acquisition, analysis, archiving, and transmission.
Olympus Optical Co. (Europa)
Hamburg, Germany
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Camera stops motion

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MegaPlus ES 1020 digital camera captures megapixels at 48 full frames/s in either monochrome or Bayer color formats. It uses a Kodak CCD sensor, a graphical user interface, and a Camera Link interface. Electronic shutter exposure times run as fast as 35 µs. Vision applications cover semiconductor and electronics inspection, microscopy, and particle image velocimetry.
Redlake MASD Inc.
San Diego, CA, USA
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System inspects surfaces

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FlawScan is an embedded smart system platform that performs linescan acquisition and processing for web-inspection applications. It supports common line-scan cameras including high-speed, multitap, and color models. Up to two cameras can be connected to each system module, and multiple modules can be connected via an Ethernet link. In-coming linescan data are processed, and defect-analysis results are sent over an Ethernet link to a remote PC for data display and storage. Output interfaces include Camera Link, LVDS, or RS-422 for up to four taps at 40 MHz. Defect maps and roll map reports can be displayed on the remote computer. System module measures 210 × 110 × 210 mm, runs on 110 to 240 Vac, and comes in several configurations with different hardware and software capabilities. A software-developer kit is available.
i2S Line Scan
Pessac, France
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Software processes video

StreamPix version 6 software acquires live uncompressed or compressed video directly from monochrome, RGB, NTSC, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), analog, or digital cameras to a PC's hard-disk drive or RAM memory in real time using Windows 2000/XP. It then converts images directly to AVI, bmp, tiff, MPEG, JPEG, or other common image formats. Tool bar emulates video recorder operations, such as record, play, rewind, fast forward, and pause. Trigger modes include level high, level low, edge high, and edge low. Continuous loop or video buffering suits machine-vision or security applications. Version 6 adds recent sequences list in file menu, USB protection key, new help tools, and new plug-in SDK modules for customizing data input from outside I/O sources.
Norpix Inc.
Montreal. QC, Canada
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Camera runs FireWire

Scorpion boxed FireWire camera produces 1280 × 1024 pixels at 30 frames/s using Symagery's progressive-scan, VCA1281M 2/3-in., monochrome CMOS sensor. It runs the company's image-acquisition and control software for directing lighting, actuators, focus, zoom, and CCD integration time and gain. Key features include 7-µm2 pixels, 40-dB signal-to-noise ratio, 39-Mbyte/s data rate, and 46.5-ns to 41.1-ms shutter. Camera measures 50 × 50 × 40 cm, weighs 125 g, and uses a C/CS mount. Operates with Windows 98SE/2000/XP and Visual C++ software.
Point Grey Research
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Sensor acts as system

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PresencePLUS Pro camera-based visual-inspection sensor captures and analyzes images using a variety of vision tools. The sensor is set up using a remote PC, and inspections are stored without the need for the PC. It performs multiple inspections simultaneously, inspects for translational and rotational variations, and offers automatic point-and-click Teach or custom setup. For Teach setup, novice users can follow a guided setup sequence, whereas advanced users can override automatic settings and create custom inspections. Vision tools include locate, pattern find, gray-scale, blob, edge, object, pattern count, measure, and test. Data, measurements, and information for system process control are sent over the Ethernet via TCP/IP and serially with an ASCII string.
Banner Engineering Corp.
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Sensor detects x-rays

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RadEye8 x-ray-specific digital imager provides a 98.4 × 98.6-mm active area containing a 2048 × 2048 matrix of silicon photodiodes on 48-µm centers. Eight parallel-operating ports deliver output images as differential video at 4.5 frames/s in high-resolution mode and 17.4 frames/s in reduced resolution mode. In continuous operating mode, an external pixel clock is needed. The imager maintains a dynamic range of more than 14 bits (85 dB) and an average dark current of <4000 electrons/s at room temperature. It runs at 5 V and 200 mA and detects x-ray and other energetic radiation from 10 to 50 KeV using a direct-coupled Gd2O2S scintillator and a 1-mm-thick graphite window. Rad-icon Imaging Corp.Santa Clara, CA, USAwww.rad-icon.comenter 108 at

Frame grabber offers Camera Link

DT3145 PCI-bus frame grabber runs over the Camera Link standard interface. It offers area-scan and linescan capabilities, 4k x 4k spatial resolution, user-programmable camera controls, general-purpose output signals, 32-bit/33-MHz PCI-bus support, and data throughput of 80 to 132 Mbytes/s. The board accommodates single-port 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-bit monochrome cameras and dual-port 8-, 10-, and 12-bit RGB cameras. Four input and four output digital control lines are supplied. Software support includes the company's DT Vision Foundry and Global Lab, and Global Image/2.
Data Translation Inc.
Marlboro, MA, USA
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Camera uses three CCDs

IK-TF1 uses a three-CCD RGB microprism system for color image processing. Each image sensor is a 1/3-in., 410,000-pixel, interline-transfer CCD with 768 × 494 effective pixels or 570 horizontal lines. Key features include C-mount lens mount, 64-dB signal-to-noise ratio, minimum sensitivity of 10 lux, 1/60- to 1/50,000-s nine-step shutter, and RS-232 serial interface. The camera measures 1.7 × 1.7 × 3.1 in., weighs 5.47 oz, and consumes 3.6 W.
Toshiba America Information
Systems Inc.
Irvine, CA, USA
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Tester checks sensors

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PI-3105 Multi-Channel A/D Data Acquisition System tests imaging devices with analog outputs, such as CCD and CMOS image sensors and infrared focal-plane arrays. It provides programmable gain, filtering, strobe timing, CDS timing per channel, and global offset control. For system optimization, 14-bit, 10-MHz A/D modules can be interchanged with 16-, 12-, or 10-bit modules. The scalable system offers one to 32 channels of signal conditioning and A/D conversion. Digital data are interfaced to a PI-41000 CompactPCI bus-based digital acquisition card that can capture up to 400 Mbytes/s of digital data into on-board memory at clock rates to 100 MHz. The software-configurable inputs provide one 32-bit-wide channel, one 16-bit-wide channel with double depth, or two 16-bit-wide channels.
Pulse Instruments
Torrance, CA, USA
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Frame grabbers perform preprocessing

Helios line of frame grabbers includes an Oasis ASIC that combines a PCI-X controller and a processor core to alleviate the host CPU from image-formatting and preprocessing tasks. Programmable pixel-accelerator parallel-processor core accelerates neighborhood, point-to-point, and mapping operations. Containing an array of 64 processing elements, it operates at 133 MHz and processes up to 1.6 billion pixels/s. A 128-bit, DDR DRAM interface runs at 133 MHZ and delivers up to 4.3 Gbytes/s of on-board memory I/O. Supporting Camera Link, the XCL board supports video-capture rates to 680 Mbytes/s, and either two Base ports or one Full port. The XA analog version supports video-capture rates of up to 800 Mbytes/s and provides four 10-bit 100-MHz channels that can be used independently or synchronizes together. All frame grabbers are programmed by the Matrox Imaging Library and support Windows 2000/XP.
Matrox Imaging
Dorval, QC, Canada
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Motor driver moves precisely

INS20 NanoDrives for unipolar two-phase/four-phase motor driver can reach a maximum equiangular nano-resolution of 200,000 steps/revolution. The ac version measures 40 × 142 × 110 mm, weighs 700 g, and provides 100 to 120 Vac; the dc version (INS200) measures 34 × 106 × 72 mm, weighs 240 g, and provides 24 to 36 Vdc (INS200). Both versions power company stepper motors in NEMA sizes 17 and 23 with four, six, and eight leads. A DIP switch permits 16 setting controls programmable from 1/1 to 1/1000 step. Features include optoisolated inputs and outputs, autocurrent cutback at standstill, automatic current shutoff, monitor and overheat indicators, and short-circuit protection.
Nyden Corp.
San Jose, CA, USA
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LEDs replace halogen

HLV-27 series of LED spotlights come in red (625 nm), green (530 nm), blue (470 nm), and white (5500K) for replacing halogen lights. They provide light intensities of 55,000 to 300,000 lux, power consumptions of 1.4 to 1.6 W, and lighting time of 30,000 hours. Spotlights weigh 35 g, operate from 0°C to 40°C, and measure 50-mm-long × 27-mm-diameter coaxial tube. Separate 110- to 120-Vac PLV-1005 power supplies deliver up to 385 mA, consume 6 to 15 VA, offer one to three output channels, and provide remote, intensity, and on/off controls and a 300-mm-long LED connecting cable.
CCS America Inc.
Waltham, MA, USA
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