Lumileds establishes new standards for LED performance

March 1, 2005
MARCH 1--Lumileds Lighting (San Jose, CA; has announced the expansion of its Luxeon high-power LED family.

MARCH 1--Lumileds Lighting (San Jose, CA; has announced the expansion of its Luxeon high-power LED family with new emitters that set performance standards for light output, temperature tolerance, surface-mount capability, moisture resistance, and lumen maintenance. The new Luxeon emitters offer up to 65 lumens in white at 350 mA, 185°C allowable junction temperature, and a JEDEC moisture sensitivity level of 2a. Designed to simplify the process of incorporating Luxeon light sources into lighting assemblies and end-user products, these new emitters represent a complete redesign of the Luxeon package.

Features will include performance in white of 65 to 130 lumens; a maximum allowable junction temperature of 185°C, a 50°C increase and significantly higher than any other high-power LED. It will reduce heat sink requirements, deliver more light at comparable ambient conditions, expand the use in higher temperature conditions, allow for higher current operation, simplify new and existing designs, and lower total solution costs.

Scheduled for summer release in white and seven colors, these products will comply with the JEDEC J-STD 020c lead-free standard for customers that need to satisfy environmental mandates including Europe's WEEE and RoHS directives. They will also withstand up to three reflow cycles, allowing for greater rework and production flexibility than any other high-brightness LED on the market. The new emitters will complement existing Luxeon products, giving manufacturers a choice of high-power Luxeon LEDs with assorted output capabilities, colors, configurations, and radiation patterns.

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