SMARTEK Vision executive discusses the transition from CCD to CMOS image sensors

In a Q&A article with FRAMOS, Damir Dolar, head of development at SMARTEK Vision talked about the news of the Sony CCD discontinuation and the advantages of CMOS image sensor technology.

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With Sonyrecently announcing that they would eventually discontinue production of its CCD image sensors, end users were essentially given the choice to switch to a different brand CCD sensor, or make the move to CMOS image sensors, which Damir Dolar, head of development at SMARTEK Vision, suggests is the prudent move.

In a Q&A article withFRAMOS, Dolar talked about the news of the Sony CCD discontinuation and the advantages of CMOS technology.

“Sony’s announcement to discontinue the CCD sensor production was quite surprising but was as well a confirmation for an already paved way. Just two years ago, CCD sensors were still leading in areas where CMOS can provide better features and results now,” said Dolar. “With the heavily improved image quality thanks to low noise, low dark current characteristics and a high dynamic range combined with Global Shutter, a high quantum efficiency, much higher frame rates, no blooming or smearing effects and a better cost structure, CMOS is cutting-edge technology.”

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Customers from theindustrial automation and manufacturing, medical imaging, and traffic surveillance markets benefit the most from the progress of CMOS sensor technology, given the higher speed, lower noise, and higher resolution, suggested Dolar.

“Improvements in CMOS chips ensure that today's CMOS sensors achieve the same or even better sensitivity than CCD sensors. The higher dynamic range leads to clear details and contrast in difficult light situations. The combination of high CMOS frame rates and GigE Vision or USB 3.0 Vision, allow to transfer application data fast and efficient on long distances and to enhance the entire system.”

Dolar also touches on SMARTEK’s GCP1931 camera, which features the Sony IMX174 image sensor, as well as future plans for cameras that will be based on the Sony IMX250 and IMX252, as well as new industrial camera models planned for the future.

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