Matrox and DENSO collaboration enables vision-guided robotics inspection

April 29, 2015
Learn about the collaboration between Matrox Imaging and DENSO WAVE, which as a result, will allow robot and vision systems integrators to more easily create vision-guided robotics inspection applications.    

By establishing a direct communication link between Matrox Design Assistant machine vision software and the DENSO RC8 robot controller, robot and vision systems integrators can more easily create vision-guided robotics inspection applications.

Matrox Imaging announced in a press release that its collaboration with DENSO WAVE has culminated in the extension of direct robot communication support in Matrox Design Assistant 4 (DA4) machine vision software to DENSO robots using the RC8 controller.

DA4 is the first hardware-independent integrated development environment that lets users create an application flowchart and HMI and take projects from concept to completion without the need for conventional programming. In addition to Matrox Iris GT smart cameras, the software works with any PC with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras. The RC8 controller from DENSO communicates with more than 100 different types of devices and features an intuitive graphical user interface.

"Robot and vision systems integrators now have an easier way to create guidance applications that interact seamlessly with DENSO robots," said Yousuke Sawada, manager, Controller Business Unit, DENSO WAVE Incorporated. "Matrox Design Assistant is a powerful yet easy to use development environment and very versatile."

On the other side, Sam Lopez, director of sales and marketing at Matrox Imaging, commented on the collaboration.

"DENSO robots are widely used in manufacturing industries around the world to improve quality, increase productivity, ensure safety and provide flexibility. The company’s endorsement of Matrox Design Assistant through this collaboration will give our joint customers confidence that they can realize these benefits reliably and cost-effectively."

The DA4 robot communication protocol is networksocket-based whereby the robot program requests a connection, the vision system accepts the connection, the robot program asks the vision project to locate the next part and the vision system provides the part location to the robot program. DENSO WAVE created a “Provider Software” add-on to perform this communication on the RC8 robot controller.

View more information on the DENSO RC8.
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