3D camera from Chromasens integrated into MVTec HALCON machine vision software

April 16, 2015
Learn about the recent partnership announced between Chromasens and MVTec, which has resulted in the the successful integration of the Chromasens 3DPIXA 3D camera into HALCON machine vision software.

Chromasens has announced that it has become a member of the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner network, in order to cultivate a strong collaborative working relationship with MVTec Software and ensure that the company's engineering team has the most up-to-date knowledge of Chromasens’ cameras for optimal image acquisition.

The new partnership has already resulted in the successful integration of the Chromasens3DPIXA 3D camera —a stereo line scan camera—into HALCON machine vision software, making it possible for programmers to design and perform 3D image processing applications quickly and efficiently. 3DPIXA cameras are stereo line scan cameras with tri-linear CCD sensors with a 10 µm pixel size and a line rate of up to 60 kHz.

Conversely, MVTec launched version 12 of its HALCON software late last year atVISION 2014 in Stuttgart. Among the new features of HALCON 12 is the "automatic text reader," OCR function, which can handle variations in character features and can both detect and recognize characters in a single operation. Another feature is a set of improvements for MLP classifier, as well as an enhanced interface programming environment, HDevelop, including support for event-based processing.

In addition, MVTec’s newsoftware will feature faster speeds, as it will utilize multi-core processors SSE2 and AVX, as well as GPU acceleration and AVX2, which will enable faster running times on state-of-the-art processors. Integrating the 3DPIXA 3D camera into HALCON enables the capture and evaluation of precise 3D images using the software's wide array of vision tools.

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