LMI Technologies releases new firmware for 3D smart sensors

May 5, 2015
Download LMI Technologies' latest firmware release, which supports the Gocator 3D smart sensor product line, including displacement, profile, and snapshot sensors.

LMI Technologies has announced the official launch of Gocator 4.2 firmware, which supports the Gocator 3D smart sensor product line, including displacement, profile, and snapshot sensors.

The release includes several new key features designed to aid in the efficiency and productivity of theinspection process. These include a new part matching feature that enables the sensors to inspect parts regardless of their orientation as they pass on an assembly line, as well as a new profile mode that enables users to generate profiles of scanned parts using a Gocator single point sensor, rather than the typical displacement sensor that requires heavy network bandwidth and a PC or external controller to operate.

In addition, now available for free with all Gocators is HexSight, a comprehensive machine vision library for geometric part matching and inspection that integrates with Gocator. With HexSight, users can combine third party machine vision camera data to perform 2D inspection in tandem with Gocator’s 3D sensors.

To Learn More:

LMI Technologies
Headquarters: Delta, BC, Canada
Product: Gocator 4.2 firmware releases
Key Features:
Part matching, G1 profile mode, HexSight machine vision library.

What LMI Technologies says:
View more information on the updated firmware.

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