EUROPEAN NEWS: BFi OPTiLAS introduces Knight-Eye imager

June 11, 2002
JUNE 11--BFi OPTiLAS (Evry France; is introducing a thermal imager from Liteye Systems.

JUNE 11--BFi OPTiLAS (Evry France;, an AVNET Company and a pan-European technical distributor of specialist products and services, including design engineering support, to the electronics and photonics markets, is introducing a thermal imager from Liteye Systems, which provides products in the fields of microdisplays, thermal imagers, and night-vision cameras. The Knight-Eye is a hand-held unit that is water tight and rugged, yet light enough to be easy to carry or wear. Whether hand-held or helmet mounted, the microdisplay gives a large high-resolution picture that allows for easy target detection. It has an AA battery power source.

The Knight-Eye was designed for military and law-enforcement applications, and it is ready for almost any environment. The unit has NTSC video out for recording and can be tripod-mounted. The Liteye-patented microdisplay technology gives an image as big as a big screen TV, without the power draw and weight of a standard LCD screen.

For more information please contact Alex Schneider, BFi OPTiLAS business-development director, e-mail: [email protected].

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