10GigE interface for infrared cameras developed by InfraTec

Feb. 2, 2016
InfraTec has developed a 10GigE interface for its ImageIR infrared camera line, enabling high-speed infrared imaging applications. 

InfraTec has developed a10GigE interface for its ImageIR infrared camera line, enabling high-speed infrared imaging applications.

A network card with FPGA is behind the increased speed capabilities, acting as the communication centerpiece of the camera series, replacing the previous GigE module. The connection between the more developed ImageIR models and the computer is made using special 10GigE transceivers (SFP+), which support data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. A corresponding standard SFP provides a bridge between camera models with 10 GigE and computers with standard GigE, which is automatically recognized by the camera.

InfraTec’s ImageIR 9300, which features a 1280 x 1024 infrared detector, can achieve a frame rate of 106 fps with the new interface. In addition to the higher speeds, the interface features a fiber optic cable, which makes the connection immune to electromagnetic interference, allowing it to range from several meters to tens of kilometers.

The new interface is now available as an option for ImageIR cameras, while also allowing for current owners to have their cameras retrofitted.

"The 10GigE interface brings many benefits," states Marian Kerze, development engineer at InfraTec. "The user can be happy that the use of their camera stays the same. Everything works as before with GigE, but just much faster."

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