ISRA customizes modular surface inspection systems

March 1, 2013
Turnkey camera-based inspection systems and optimization tools offered by ISRA Surface Vision provide inspection of many finished surfaces.

Turnkey camera-based inspection systems and optimization tools provide inspection of many finished surfaces, including films, nonwoven types, paper, glass fiber materials, and others in varied industries from food and packaging to pharmaceutical manufacturing. The fully automated systems are modular to adapt to production processes regardless of line speed, web width, and installation configurations. System components are protected from contamination, are designed to be fail-safe, and can be easily exchanged. Monochrome and color linescan cameras, combined with patented and specialized lighting techniques such as fast switchable multimode, multiview LEDs, enable detection of low-contrast material defects.
ISRA Surface Vision
Herten, Germany

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100 % optical in-line web inspection and yield management

New solutions to increase quality and processing efficiency in converting

ISRA VISION - the provider of leading-edge optical in-line inspection systems - presents its latest solutions in surface inspection. The systems are designed to find every defect and, together with intelligent tools, make an important contribution to increase processing efficiency.

The areas of use for these all-in-one camera-based inspection systems and their associated tools for production optimization are quite varied. These include any evenfinished surfaces with all substrates and material types: films, nonwovens, paper up to carbon fiber or glass fiber fabrics. They are in use at all converting stages like: coating,lamination, metallizing and more. Runs can be transparent, covered, semi-opaque, metallized, embossed or dyed. Also composite materials, striped applied coatings or coatings with patterns, optical films and plates are possible to inspect. The inspection solutions are appropriate for many different installation sites, such as coating lines, re-winders and doctor machines. The range of inspected materials and applications covers a wide variety of markets such as the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

The fully-automated systems find all optical defects with ultimate precision. The low-maintenance and networked systems are based on the most modern technology and are constructed in a modular and flexible fashion both in their hardware and software designs. This way adaptation to each customer's production process, regardless of line speed, web width and the installation circumstances is easy. The system can easily cope with frequent material changes, as the handling of different product or material related recipes is very flexible. System components are protected from contamination, are fail-safe and can be easily exchanged. The use of modern camera and lighting technology ensures that the smallest and lowest-contrast material defects will be found. Besides monochrome line scan cameras, state-of-the-art color cameras are used that can reliably identify previously invisible or very low contrast defects. The optimum detection of smallest defects is assured using the latest special and patented lighting techniques such as fast switchable multi-mode, multi-view LEDs.

Users will benefit from a significant improvement in quality very early within the processing steps. This saves resources and minimizes scrap. In addition, tools to optimize production like slit-optimization or rewind controller generate additional benefit by increasing the overall processing efficiency. The inspection solutions guarantee constant quality with defined standards. Customer specifications can be flawlessly fulfilled. This increases trust, improves customer relations and manufacturers can enter new markets with the best, high-quality goods: Value and sustainability through inspection and process optimization along the entire production chain.

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SOURCE: ISRA Surface Vision

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