MVTec releases update to HALCON machine vision software

Aug. 1, 2013
HALCON 11.0.2 machine vision software, which can be used for blob analysis, bar code and data code reading, 3D vision, matching, and more, offers a number of enhancements and new features.

HALCON 11.0.2 machine vision software features a number of enhancements, starting with its bar code readers, which now supports verification of an optional check character without stripping it from the bar code data. Its data code reader is now able to validate the quiet zone of detected symbols and can read ECC 200 data codes up to 200% faster than the previous iteration. In addition, the shape-based 3D matching and calibrated perspective matching are now more efficient for lenses with strong polynomial distortions or strong pincushion-shaped radial distortions. HALCON 11.0.2 has also been extended with two new procedures to plot tuples and functions as graphs in a graphics window and a new procedure library to to make it easier to calculate groups of features with given properties for classification. HALCON software can be used for matching, blob analysis, morphology, measuring, bar code and data code reading, 3D vision, calibration, and more. Registered HALCON customers can download the release for free here.

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: Munich, Germany
HALCON 11.0.2 machine vision software
Key Features:
Bar code enhancements, data code reader enhancements, two new procedures, and a new procedure library.

What MVTec says:
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