Quick hit: Toshiba Imaging cameras used for Grand Canyon and Las Vegas helicopter tours

When Las Vegas and Grand Canyon aerial tour provider Maverick Helicopters asked its camera supplier -for a camera capable of capturing HD Blu-ray quality footage, it chose Toshiba Imaging’s 1080p IK-HR1D.

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Maverick Helicopters, a company that provides aerial tours of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, has been recording personalized flights with pilot narration and guest interaction since 1996. When the company sought an upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray, it chose Toshiba Imaging’s 1080p IK-HR1D camera to provide that technology.

The cameras were chosen by Maverick’s camera supplier, InterTest, when the company asked for an HD camera recommendation. The 1/3” 2.1 MPixel CMOS 1920 x 1080 pixel-output camera is a lightweight (4.3 oz.) model which features digital video interface and analog RGB output. It features an on-screen menu, auto and manual white balance, auto and manual electronic shutter, and is C-mount lens adaptable. In addition, the camera provides full HD at 60 fps and is suitable for imaging objects in motion with little or no artifacts and other critical imaging tasks.

Toshiba Imaging’s IK-HR1D cameras are mounted to the helicopter nose to provide guests with personalized sky cam video mementos.

View more information on the Toshiba Imaging 1080p IK-HR1D camera.

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