Page 2: International Machine Vision Standards Meeting sees a number of key developments

Nov. 12, 2013
At the International Machine Vision Standards Meeting in Schongau, Germany, experts discussed the development of current standards used in image processing, including GenICam software, USB 3.0 Vision, Camera Link HS, GigE Vision, and CoaXPress standards.

Camera Link HS

During the Camera Link HS committee meeting, the group agreed to increase the speed of the C2 (CX4) cable to 5 Gbps/lane, as is used by the Infiniband standard. The latch style CX4 connector for frame grabbers was also approved for use in support of the fiber covertors. The group also agreed to increase the speed of the M protocol to support default 3.125 Gbps, 5 Gbps, 6.25 Gbps, and 8 Gbps, to align with single lane FP/SFP+ copper and fiber solutions using low cost FPGA families.

In addition, the group agreed to add multiple ROI capability with each ROI able to support different data type and bit depths, which supports 3D camera needs, or chunk data transfer from the camera. Lastly, a new virtual uplink channel was added to support commanding the camera to new ROI settings on a “frame by frame” basis. The committee targets a May 2014 release of Revision 2.0.

GigE Vision

The GigE Vision committee added support for Truesense Imaging sparse color filter in the pixel format naming convention (PFNC) and held talks on the preparation to introduce 3D data support in GigE Vision. GigE Vision Validation Framework, which is a tool used to certify compliancy for GigE Vision devices supporting the current version of the standard, was also driven forward by the group.

New developments for the next GigE Vision release 2.1, which is targeted for November 2014, are locking connectors with thumbscrews, 3D data support, testing specification to support the validation framework, and pixel formats fully referenced from the PFNC.

CoaXPress standards

This committee focused on the 1.2 release, which is targeted for Q4 2014, and dealt with subjects of faster speed (10 Gbps and 12.5 Gbps per cable), data striping to cope with cameras faster than one PC can cope with, forward error correction to correct any occasional bit errors on the link, and support for GenICam events.

SPS IPC Drives 2013

The Future Standards Forum under G3 also met for final adjustments of the Global Machine Vision Standards Brochure, which will be presented to the public at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany from November 26-28, 2013.

The next international standards meeting will be held in the first half year 2014 in North America.

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