Page 2: Imaging inspection system measures microscopic bond wire connections

Sept. 4, 2013

The images captured by the AVT cameras have a 500x700 pixel area of interest and feature a 0.8 µm x 0.8 µm pixel size. These images are evaluated in the µ-Precision Inspection System with software based on the Matrox Imaging Library that has been specially programmed for the system. Each wire forms an arc between two connection points and on the back of this arc, a light reflection is generated that the software recognizes, the case study explains. The wires are counted and tested for integrity and the shape and position of the reflection provide additional information about the arc’s height. The system’s software then analyzes the images of the bond spot welds and calculates their dimensions.

Data is recorded and assigned to each component for traceability, and at the end of a test cycle, the machine displays the measurement board’s matrix on a pressure-sensitive display screen, which is on an 8x10 grid. Error-free components are displayed as green surfaces, while defective ones appear as red areas. When an operator presses on a red area, he/she can access an image collection of the defective component in order to identify the cause of the effect.

With the µ-Precision imaging system’s precision, along with software connection and technical support from AVT, the team was able to achieve a cycle time under the six-minute mark, which met the customer’s requirements.

View the AVT case study.

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