Page 2: Image processing system inspects commercial vehicle brake system

Sept. 20, 2013
Neupro Solutions designed an image processing system for brake manufacturing company Knorr-Bremse which features Allied Vision Technologies cameras, Teledyne DALSA image processing software, Schneider lenses, and Z-Laser lasers.

He continued, "Brakes are components requiring documentation. This is why both image data and inspection data are archived in the data base and then transferred to a higher-level control."

Each piece that leaves the disc brake production on a work piece carrier is put through the test cabin. The process begins when the illumination system turns on and the cameras and lasers focus on the brake, capturing images of each item. Teledyne DALSA’s software then calculates whether or not the disc brake is correctly mounted, according to the specified parts list and assembly guidelines.

A Neupro-Sherlock plugin for Oracle then sends the data to the Oracle database.

"The individual check algorithms are global and are recalled via the data base using the part number. In addition, it is possible to statistically evaluate the measurement data stored in the data base and to perform a statistical approximation within the predefined threshold values", said Progl.

Additionally, the system can be scaled upward, i.e. the number of tests, number of cameras, and the number of stations.

"Moreover, the image processing system solves various tasks in a single run", adds Mr. Schmitz. These include laser triangulation, pattern recognition, colour (sic) recognition and measurement of components," said Jörg Schmitz, sales specialist at Stemmer Imaging.

View the AVT press release.

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