Image processing system inspects commercial vehicle brake system

Sept. 20, 2013
Neupro Solutions designed an image processing system for brake manufacturing company Knorr-Bremse which features Allied Vision Technologies cameras, Teledyne DALSA image processing software, Schneider lenses, and Z-Laser lasers.

Needing an image processing system that could analyze and verify the quality of commercial vehicle brakes, Knorr-Bremse, a worldwide manufacturer of braking systems in Bavaria, enlisted the help of systems integrator Neupro Solutions.

To build a system that could meet the needs of Knor-Bremse, Neupro collaborated with three other companies. First, Stemmer Imaging supplied the image processing components of the system. Two Manta G-504C cameras and one Manta G-146CAllied Vision Technologies camera equipped with Schneider lenses provide the vision portion of the system.

Manta G-504C cameras are 5 MPixel GigE Vision cameras with Sony ICX655 CMOS image sensors. These cameras run at 9 fps and feature robust metal housing. Manta G-146C cameras are 1.4 MPixel GigE Vision cameras with Sony ICX267 CCD image sensors. The G-146C cameras run at 17 fps and, like the G-504C, have optionally available Power over Ethernet.

In addition to the AVT cameras, the optical component of the system also includes two line lasers from Z-Laser and Sherlock image processing software from Teledyne DALSA. Sherlock software features extensive image preprocessors and advanced calibration for image correction and measurement translation and supports a variety of communication methods and protocols for factory integration.

Streicher Maschineabau created the control cabinet, and Oracle provided a database for image and inspection data, which used for verification purposes.

"Due to the low and varying customer-dependent quantities and the high-level of variance in disc brake production, we started to think about a data base", explained Dieter Progl, Managing Director at Neupro in the press release. “Neupro is the official partner of the data base manufacturer Oracle and was therefore able to provide a suitable solution for the combinatorics including part number and test number within the short period of time.”

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