AlignCam vision system enables precision measurement and inspection applications

Oct. 4, 2013
Brunson Instrument Company’s AlignCam vision system, which features a specially-designed relay lens adapter and a 1.2 MPixel CCD cameras, is designed for precision alignment applications.

Brunson Instrument Company’s AlignCam vision system —which provides a live image and continuous feedback for precision alignment applications—offers a digital upgrade to the company’s current line of alignment telescope.

The AlignCam is fitted with a specially-designed relay lens adapter which allows the user to easily integrate the camera into the optical instrument. A USB cable is then run from a computer to the camera. Though Brunson Instruments does not specifically mention a camera vendor, two screenshots (here and here) from its product video will show that the camera used is an IDS Imaging Development Systems uEye camera. One potential model is a 1.2 MPixel UI-2140SE uEye camera with a 1/3” Sony CCD image sensor. This camera features 1280 x 960 pixels, a frame rate of 25 fps, and, according to IDS, is suitable for use in quality control, machine vision, fluorescence analysis, and DNA analysis applications. Though not verified, the specifications seem to align, and the screenshots clearly show a uEye camera being used.

Technicians are able to perform repetitive measurement tasks, view setups in the field or in the lab, as well as provide real time feedback during machine adjustments. In addition, users can utilize the AlignCam to troubleshoot precision alignment problems, increase productivity, and archive and document results, according to Brunson.

The system is ideal for use in measurement and inspection applications, such as turbomachinery centerlines, drive system alignment for shipbuilding, roller alignment in many types of process machinery, precision leveling of machine bases, and other machine alignment challenges.

In addition, with a wireless connection and remote monitoring, service professionals can view targets, share their readings, and collaborate with service teams in multiple sites, locally or around the world.

View more information on the AlignCam vision system.

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