Scorpion Vision Software update from Tordivel offers one push 3D calibration

April 19, 2013
Tordivel’s latest update to Scorpion Vision Software® offers one push 3D calibration and reportedly makes it easier to maintain and calibrate 3D solutions.

Tordivel has released the latest update to its Scorpion Vision Software®, a system tool forimage processing in 2D and 3D applications. Version X.I offers one push 3D calibration to make it easier to maintain and calibrate 3D solutions. In addition, Version X.I reportedly has a faster and more user-friendly point and click software interface.

To Learn More:

Contact:Tordivel AS
Headquarters: Oslo, Norway
Product:Scorpion Vision Software® Version X.I
Key Features: One push 3D calibration, improved user interface, faster performance

What Tordivel says:

Scorpion Compact Vision System™ – updated over the Internet
It is easy to try and evaluate the Scorpion Compact Vision System™ including Scorpion Vision Apps™ and Scorpion 3D Stinger™ solutions. The system is preconfigured with the latest version of the software including a complete set of demo profiles and tutorials describing how to take advantage of the system. The TordivelBlog is the site for inspiration and the best advice in making your machine vision app.

One Push 3D Calibration™
We have made it easier to calibrate 3D machine vision system with our own One Push 3D Calibration™ technology making it possible for anyone to maintain and calibrate 3D solutions.

Version X.I is easier to use than ever with a complete new graphical user interface
We have updated and improved the Scorpion Vision in Metro style to make Scorpion more usable and to be able to make a compact and friendly user interface with minimum effort.

• Significantly improved, faster and easier to use Point&Click user interface
• Integrated device-independent IO system
• Professional Point & Click image logging and data logging modules
• Off-the-shelf color identification system based on Scorpion Compact Vision
• Make your own custom user-interface with our data input pages

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