Adimec unveils production-ready CoaXPress camera

March 8, 2011
Adimec’s OPAL camera series demonstrates a production-ready CoaXPress implementation.


Adimec (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), a provider of application-specific industrial cameras has introduced the industry’s first production-ready camera using the new CoaXPress standard, the OPAL series.

Opal: Performance and flexibility for a wide range of applications
The flagship OPAL series of cameras delivers high channel matching, linearity and dynamic range at resolutions between 1-8 megapixels at more than 120 frames per second (FPS). It is the first production camera available to support the CoaXPress standard, which allows it to deliver transmission performance up to 3x faster in a single coaxial cable that combines power, GPIO, commands and image data and can extend up to 140 meters. Its CoaXPress support adds to the OPAL series’ existing support of Camera Link and GigE Vision interface options.

CoaXPress: Progress since 2009 Vision Award
The CoaXPress standard, which was the recipient of the 2009 Vision Award at the 2009 event, continues to gain momentum and adopters as the high-speed connectivity choice for next generation cameras. Consortium chairman Herrmann will be joined by other Consortium members and commercial supporters as well as representatives of the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA), the host of the standard. They will provide an update on the standardization process and discuss progress in its implementation in a variety of new products.

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