Xenics Gobi-640 IR camera consumes 2 W of power

Xenics' Gobi-640 thermal camera acquires images with 640 × 480 pixels, operating in the 8–14-µm range in standalone or PC-controlled mode.


The Gobi-640thermal camera acquires images with 640 × 480 pixels, operating in the 8–14-µm range in standalone or PC-controlled mode. The GigE Vision camera features plug-and-play operation for camera control, with various temperature ranges covered. It can detect temperature differences down to 0.05°C. An uncooled microbolometer (amorphous silicon, a-Si) features 17-µm pixel pitch with >99% pixel operability. A 3.3-V supply powers the unit, with 2.0-W power consumption.
Leuven, Belgium

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High resolution uncooled thermal camera

Imagine the invisible

Fast data tranfer of high definition thermal images

You will enter a new era of easy, fast, efficient and comfortable connectivity with the Gobi-640-GigE. The advantages of a high quality infrared camera are now combined with the power of a GigE interface. Excellent image quality, high thermal resolution (0.050C) and accurate thermal analysis capabilities guarantee the most versatile R&D tool on the market.

This combination makes it ideal for instant, accurate and cost-effective evaluation of your thermal imaging. Using the Gobi-640-GigE will bring your analysis to the next level of accuracy!

Need for customization? A variety of industry standard accessories is available.

• Medical imaging
• Non-Destructive Testing: Lock-in thermography
• Temperature measurement
• Quality control and quality assurance
• Real-time process control and process monitoring

Benefits & Features
• Realtime
• High sensitivity
• Power over ethernet
• High image resolution
• Complete infrared system

Camera Specifications: Gobi-640-GigE

Lens (included)
Focal length: 18 mm f/1, HFOV 48°, standard manual focus
Optical interface: Multiple lens mount

Imaging performance
Frame rate: Max 50 Hz
Window of interest: Minimum size 160 x 120
Temperature stabilization: No thermoelectric cooling required (TEC-less)
Integration type: Rolling shutter
A to D conversion resolution: 16 bit

Camera control: GigE Vision
Video out: GigE Vision
Trigger: In or out
Operating mode: Stand-alone or PC-controlled

Power requirements
Power consumption: 2.0 W
Power supply: 3.3 V

Physical characteristics
Shock: 70 G, 2 ms halfsine profile (without shutter)
Vibration: 4.5 G, (5Hz to 500 Hz)
Ambient operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Dimensions: 74 W x 70 H x 65 L mm³ (without lens)
Weight camera head: < 500 g (Lens not included)

Array Specifications: Gobi-640-GigE
Array Type: Uncooled microbolometer (a-Si)
Spectral band: 8 μm to 14 μm
# Pixels: 640 x 480
Pixel Pitch: 17 μm
NETD: ≈ 50 mK @ 30°C with F/1 lens
Array Cooling: Uncooled
Pixel operability: > 99%

Product selector guide
Part number: XEN-000065
NETD: 50 mK
Frame rate (Hz):
Interface: GigE Vision

Xenics Headquarters
Ambachtenlaan 44, BE-3001 Leuven, Belgium
T +32 16 38 99 00 • sales@xenics.com

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