Sony and Cognex to deliver integrated hardware and software solution

JUNE 16, 2008--Cognex (Natick, MA, USA) will certify its forthcoming VisionPro software release to operate on the Sony current lineup of smart cameras.

JUNE 16, 2008--Cognex (Natick, MA, USA; will certify its forthcoming VisionPro software release to operate on the Sony (Park Ridge, NJ, USA; current lineup of smart cameras. Combining these software/hardware capabilities into an integrated package can provide integrators, machine builders, and OEMs with an industry-standard platform suitable for a broad spectrum of machine-vision applications from automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, and food and beverage to a host of other industries.

"Sony smart cameras running VisionPro software is a great combination," said Mike McCausland, general manager of the visual imaging group for Sony Electronics. "Together, they can provide the market an unbeatable value-proposition in terms of capability, flexibility and reliability."

"This combination will deliver the flexibility of a mainstream PC-based vision system in a compact form factor," said Marilyn Matz, Cognex senior vice president, Vision Software Business Unit. "It offers a fully programmable vision software library with hardware consistency for years ahead."

Both McCausland and Matz added that the collaboration would continue for the foreseeable future, with VisionPro certification planned for the next-generation of Sony Smart cameras scheduled for September release.

When introduced in 2005, Sony Smart Cameras established a new approach for the machine-vision hardware category. Sony's comprehensive lineup eliminates the cost and clutter of dealing with integrating the PC element of machine-vision solutions. They sidestep the issues inherent to integrating parts and interfaces from a multitude of vendors to deliver a simple, economical, plug-in component. Sony's planned release of next-generation smart cameras will include new color cameras with enhanced features such as improved processing speed and high frame rates (90 frames/s at VGA resolution and 30 frames/s at SXGA resolution), as well as expanded SDRAM memory and digital I/O and interface options.

Cognex VisionPro combines a graphical prototyping environment with a powerful Microsoft Visual Studio programming interface for a wide range of tools, including PatMax location technology and a wide range of other "power tools" that simplify application development. Together, Sony smart cameras running Cognex VisionPro software can provide power, flexibility, reliability, and consistency delivering outstanding return of investment, year after year.

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