PerkinElmer licenses OSRAM white LED lighting components

FEBRUARY 13, 2008--PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (San Jose, CA, USA) has entered into an agreement with OSRAM (Munich, Germany) to access OSRAM white LED patents for manufacture of LED components.

FEBRUARY 13, 2008--PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (San Jose, CA, USA;, a developer of digital imaging technology, has entered into a license agreement with OSRAM (Munich, Germany; that enables PerkinElmer to access OSRAM white light-emitting-diode (LED) patents for the manufacture of LED components. OSRAM is a lighting manufacturer that offers its customers solutions based on semiconductor technology for lighting, sensor, and visualization applications.

Under terms of the license, PerkinElmer gains nonexclusive, royalty bearing rights to OSRAM patents for the manufacture of white LED components for use in a variety of lighting solutions. White LEDs offer an attractive alternative to existing lamp technologies such as halogen MR16 lamps and cold cathode fluorescent lamps, due to their higher efficiencies and longer lifetimes, at attractive costs.

PerkinElmer plans to incorporate white LEDs into its successful ACULED platform based on chip-on-board technology. This will result in an expanded LED portfolio that includes high-power, high-efficiency standard white LED products under the brand name ACULED VHL (Very High Lumen), as well as custom combinations that include white chips under the ACULED DYO (design-your-own) brand name.

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