Interview from the VISION show floor: IMPERX

Nov. 14, 2014
This "VISION show floor" article is based off the third interview I had during the show, which was with Megan Coffey, marketing specialist at IMPERX.  

This “VISION show floor" article is based off the third interview I had during the show, which was with Megan Coffey, marketing specialist at IMPERX.

For IMPERX, a Boca Raton, Florida-based company, the path to success and growth lies in their combination of custom and off-the-shelf products.

"We develop new products as a result of customer demands, but oftentimes, these customized products will turn into something we sell off the shelf," said Coffey.

For example, IMPERX recently released its FLEX camera architecture, and the AVI-O environmental enclosure. FLEX camera architecture allows any of IMPERX’s 41 Bobcat 2.0 CCD camera models’ internal boards to be separated by up to 10” for use in space-constrained or oddly-configured applications. The AVI-O, on the other hand, is an environmental enclosure that houses Bobcat 2.0 cameras in a protective enclosure for airborne imaging and other harsh environments. Both of these products were developed as a result of customer inquiry, but are now available as a standard product.

When it came to the question of whether or not the machine vision market will grow in 2015, Coffey spoke to one of the talking points mentioned in the presentation by Alex Shikany, AIA Director, Market Analysis. The improving economy, according to Coffey, is helping more and more companies grow and thrive.

As far as potential applications or markets that represent potential growth areas, Coffey listed intelligent transportation systems, aerial mapping/imaging, and aerospace imaging as areas that could see gains next year. For IMPERX, one particular area that could represent growth, for them anyway, is expanding into new product lines.

"We are already offering GigE and Power over Ethernet cameras, but we are now getting into USB3 and people are excited for this," she said.

In addition to that, IMPERX just launched its first ever CMOS camera, the 12 MPixel C4080 Cheetah, at the show. In the video above, IMPERX showcases the camera’s wide dynamic range capabilities.

Keep a lookout for the next "VISION show floor" article, which is likely to be published within the next few business days.

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