Telephoto lens from Theia Technologies provides IR correction

March 28, 2012
A P-iris (Precise iris) version of the SL940 megapixel telephoto lens is now available from Theia Technologies.

A P-iris (Precise iris) version of the SL940 megapixel telephoto lens is now available. The 5-Mpixel lens works with a P-iris camera’s software to gauge the best iris opening and optimize camera settings to get the best overall image. The lens offers infrared (IR) correction, features a focal range of 9–40 mm, provides 36° to 7° horizontal field of view, and 4.5x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom capability. The CS-mount lens is designed to cover 1/2.5-in. imagers and smaller including 1/3-in., 1/2.7-in. HD size sensors.
Theia Technologies
Wilsonville, OR, USA

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Theia announces SL940P P-iris telephoto lens

Wilsonville, OR – Theia Technologies is pleased to announce they will offer a P-iris version of their SL940 megapixel telephoto lens. The P-iris, or Precise iris, provides more precise iris control which enables greater depth of field, heightened contrast, improved image sharpness and clarity, and helps to optimize megapixel camera images. Theia will demonstrate the new SL940P P-iris lens in booth #8059 at ISC West March 27 - 30, 2012 in Las Vegas.

The P-Iris lens works with a P-iris camera’s specialized software to gauge the best iris opening and optimize camera settings to get the best overall image.

The size of iris opening and amount of light allowed in a lens affects the image exposure, sharpness and depth of field. Working in conjunction with the P-Iris lens, the camera uses electronics to manage slight changes in lighting conditions to balance these sometimes conflicting demands and optimize an image. In situations when the iris position and the camera’s electronic processing capabilities cannot adequately correct the exposure, a P-Iris camera will automatically instruct the iris to move to a different position. In bright situations, a camera with P-Iris is programmed to limit the closing of the iris to a position that avoids diffraction or blurring, providing a sharper image.

The SL940 lens, with 5 megapixel resolution, IR correction and its compact 50mm size, provides a combination of features rarely found in other telephoto lenses available on the market today. The lens features a focal range of 9 to 40mm providing 36° to 7° horizontal field of view with 4.5x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom capability allowing the user to drill down into the image capturing subjects in high detail. The P-iris feature adjusts the iris opening to further improve the depth of field, or the distance in front of and beyond the point of focus where objects appear to be sharp simultaneously. This is particularly important in the video surveillance of a long corridor or parking lot, for example.

The lens was developed to offer the security industry another unique product not found today. “With the introduction of the SL940P, Theia continues its tradition of offering high quality lenses with unique features and capabilities to the video surveillance industry. The SL940P lens responds to the industry’s demand for improved performance in difficult and varied lighting conditions,” said Jeff Gohman, President of Theia Technologies.

The CS-mount lens was designed to cover 1/2.5" imagers and smaller including 1/3", 1/2.7" HD size sensors. The lens is also available in manual and DC autoiris versions.

About Theia
Theia Technologies provides high quality megapixel lenses for security, machine vision, consumer electronics and military applications. Their patented, award winning Linear Optical Technology corrects barrel distortion and improves image resolution over typical lenses. Theia lenses are designed and marketed from the US, and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Theia also provides optical engineering and custom design services. Theia has several issued and pending US and foreign patents for lens technologies. For more information, contact Andrea Iñiguez,+1 (503) 570-3296.

SOURCE: Theia Technologies

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