Point Grey adds VGA and XGA cameras to Flea3 series

Jan. 26, 2012
The Flea3 GigE Vision series from Point Grey Research features new VGA and XGA models.

The Flea3 GigE Vision series features new VGA and XGA models. FL3-GE-03S2 uses the 1/3-in. Sony ICX424 CCD with 7.4-micron2 pixels, and is capable of delivering 648 x 488-pixel images at 82 frames/s over the Gigabit Ethernet interface. The FL3-GE-08S2 uses the 1/3-in. ICX204 CCD and can transmit 1032 x 776-pixel images at 31 frame/s. The Flea3 series complies with v1.2 of the GigE Vision specification, allowing it to support cable lengths up 100 m and be used with common third-party software. The 29 x 29 x 30-mm size allows the digital cameras to replace popular ice-cube form factor analog cameras.
Point Grey Research
Richmond, BC, Canada

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Point Grey Expands World’s Smallest GigE Vision Camera Family, New Flea3 VGA and XGA models

Richmond, BC, Canada – Point Grey, a provider of advanced digital imaging products, has announced the addition of new VGA and XGA models to its Flea3 GigE Vision digital cameras series.

The new models are based on color and monochrome versions of the industry’s most popular VGA and XGA image sensors. The FL3-GE-03S2 uses the 1/3-inch Sony ICX424 CCD – featuring sensitive 7.4 micron square pixels – and is capable of sending 648x488 images at 82 FPS over the camera’s Gigabit Ethernet interface. The FL3-GE-08S2 uses the 1/3-inch ICX204 CCD and can transmit 1032x776 images at 31 FPS.

With their unique combination of sensors, size, interface, and cable length support, the new Flea3s are perfectly suited for analog camera replacement. The Sony CCDs are well established industry standards and at 29 x 29 x 30 millimeters the Flea3 has the same dimensions as other popular ice-cube form factor analog cameras. The Flea3 also complies with version 1.2 of the GigE Vision specification allowing it to support cable lengths of up 100 meters and be used with leading third-party software packages.

Point Grey’s Flea3 GigE camera line offers superior imaging performance, unbeatable price-performance, and a host of features unique in its class. These features include an 8-pin opto-isolated GPIO for industrial triggering and strobe output; 1 MB non-volatile flash memory for user data storage; and on-camera frame buffer for retransmitting and resending images.

“We’ve seen strong customer acceptance of our Flea3 GigE cameras, and these new models will help us continue to build on that success,” says Michael Gibbons, Product Marketing Manager. Gibbons adds, “We’ll be extending the line further throughout the year, adding 2 and 5 MP Sony CCD options, and will offer competitive pricing across the camera family. Point Grey has a history of bringing innovative and ground-breaking products to market and with the Flea3 series we’re pushing technology boundaries by providing three different interfaces—FireWire, GigE, and USB 3.0—all in the same small, ice-cube form factor.”

The FL3-GE-08S2C (1/3-inch .8 MP 30 FPS) is list priced at $745 and the FL3-GE-03S2C (1/3 inch .3 MP 80 FPS) is listed priced at $675 – both are available to order now from Point Grey, its network of distributors, and the webstore (for North American customers). Further GigE Vision models are planned to be released throughout 2012.
About Point Grey

Point Grey Research, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development of advanced digital camera technology products for machine vision, industrial imaging, and computer vision applications. Based in Richmond, BC, Canada, Point Grey designs, manufactures and distributes IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 cameras that are known for their excellent quality, performance, and ease of use. A broad range of hardware, software and mechanical engineering skills has allowed Point Grey to successfully bring many innovative and ground-breaking products to market. This drive for innovation has led to many industry firsts, including the first and smallest 1394b digital camera.

Since its founding in January of 1997, the company's approach to product pricing, quality control, and customer service has attracted thousands of customers worldwide, and its organic growth through product sales has enabled the company to expand significantly without any outside investment. Point Grey currently employs more than 90 people worldwide and has a wholly-owned German subsidiary that provides sales and support services to customers in Europe, Africa and Israel. The company also has a strong network of distributors in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, and Taiwan.

SOURCE: Point Grey Research

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