ProPhotonix launches German language web site to serve regional machine-vision customers

Nov. 12, 2012
Laser and illumination system provider ProPhotonix has launched a German-language web site to support its machine-vision business in Germany.

Laser and illumination system provider ProPhotonix has launched a German-language web site to support its machine-vision business in Germany, as well as an expanded sales team presence in Europe focusing on the regional market. The German language web site at offers targeted technical content to help German customers find appropriate solutions for their machine-vision application needs, including information on diode-based laser modules, third-party laser diodes, and LED systems that may be used in industrial inspection, defense, sensors, and medical markets, among others.
Hertfordshire, UK (Laser Solutions)
(HQ: Salem, NH, USA)

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ProPhotonix Limited ("ProPhotonix" or "the Company")

German Language Website Launched
Addresses Expanding Market of Machine Vision Customers

ProPhotonix Limited, (London Stock Exchange - AIM: PPIX and PPIR; OTC: STKR.PK), a designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems, laser diode modules and a laser diode distributor announces the addition of a German language machine vision website

ProPhotonix has undertaken this endeavor to address its growing machine vision market in Germany and simultaneously support the expanding ProPhotonix sales team presence in Europe with specialists focused exclusively on this key market.

Since the introduction of in 2010, the Company has continually invested in improving and maintaining its state-of-the-art website and moving into foreign language versions advances this objective.

Mark W. Blodgett, Chairman and CEO, commented, "Machine Vision is universal. We are committed to giving our customers and prospects options for finding crucial information while providing support to our expanded presence on the European continent."

"We have invested in creating technical content in a straightforward manner on our English language website. Providing a German translation of targeted content helps German prospective potential customers gain exposure to information to help them solve their machine vision application needs," added Blodgett.

ProPhotonix Limited
Mark W. Blodgett, CEO
Tel: +44 (0)12 7971 7170

About ProPhotonix
ProPhotonix Limited, headquartered in Salem, New Hampshire, is an independent designer and manufacturer of diode-based laser modules and LED systems for industry leading OEMs and medical equipment companies. In addition, the Company distributes premium diodes for Opnext, QSI, Ondax, Sanyo and Sony. The Company serves a wide range of markets including the machine vision, industrial inspection, defense, sensors, and medical markets. ProPhotonix has offices and subsidiaries in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland.

SOURCE: ProPhotonix

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