Imaging industry veterans launch Rice Camera Technologies

MARCH 13, 2009--Rice Camera Technologies has entered the industrial and military camera market.

MARCH 13, 2009--Imaging executives Bruce Radl and Jay Rice have formally announced the entry of Rice Camera Technologies (Billerica, MA, USA; into the market for industrial and military cameras.

Jay Rice formed the company after he served for six years as president and CEO for the US division of a foreign manufacturer of industrial and military cameras.

Rice says, "I recognized numerous opportunities in the marketplace and decided to create a company that would better serve the needs of leading semiconductor OEMs and military prime contractors."

While exploring the idea that would lead to the formation of Rice Camera Technologies in 2008, Rice connected with imaging scientist Bruce Radl. Rice says, "Bruce has over 30 years experience bringing cameras and camera technologies to market. He is formally educated in the imaging sciences, has deep application experience, and has camera technology expertise ranging from the visible spectrum to long-range infrared (LWIR). Bruce is the ideal CTO for Rice Camera Technologies."

Rice Camera Technologies has partnered with a European manufacturer of industrial cameras and now offers a portfolio of cameras ranging from VGA to 16 Mpixel in both Camera Link and GigE Vision. The products are sold in the US, Mexico, and South America under the Rice Camera Technologies brand name and will be further optimized over time based on US customer and market requirements.

The company also plans to introduce additional products for the defense and security marketplace.

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