Prosilica folds into Allied Vision Technologies

Nov. 2, 2009
NOVEMBER 2, 2009--Prosilica cameras are being integrated into the AVT product lineup.

NOVEMBER 2, 2009--One year after the takeover of Prosilica (Burnaby, BC, Canada; by Allied Vision Technologies (Stadtroda, Germany;, the Canadian company will be fully integrated into the AVT Group. At VISION 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany, the entire product portfolio from Prosilica will be presented under the Allied Vision Technologies name.

Prosilica cameras will now become an integral part of the overall AVT camera offering. The change will be visual as well: Beginning this month, the Prosilica series GC, GE, GS, GB, and GX Series will take on the red color for which AVT is known and will carry the brand name Allied Vision Technologies. The Prosilica name will remain for these camera families alongside the AVT Pike, Stingray, Guppy; other new cameras developed after the integration will get names typical of AVT, such as the new AVT Manta.

In keeping with the integration, Prosilica -- with headquarters near Vancouver -- will do business as Allied Vision Technologies, a Division of AVT Group. Prosilica will then be another North American location for AVT Inc. USA (Newburyport, MA). The division's focus will be on independent development and assembly within the AVT Group.

"With the integration of Prosilica's cameras, we can offer Prosilica and AVT customers more advantages: more innovation, more products, and more market success, all under the AVT name," says Frank Grube, president and CEO of Allied Vision Technologies GmbH.

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