Sensors Unlimited and Cloud Cap Technology Partner to expand imaging applications for UAVs and manned safety systems

JULY 29, 2009--An SWIR camera from Sensors Unlimited has been integrated into Cloud Cap's TASE, TASE Duo, and T2 stabilized micro-gimbals and delivered to Department of Defense customers.

JULY 29, 2009-- Sensors Unlimited (Princeton, NJ, USA;, part of Goodrich Corp., and Cloud Cap Technology (Hood River, OR, USA; -- acquired by Goodrich Corp. in May 2009), are teaming up to provide specialized imaging solutions for military, security, and surveillance markets. The combined companies, both part of Goodrich's ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Systems group, are developing new micro-gimbal imaging systems that are based on Sensors Unlimited's expertise in shortwave-infrared (SWIR) imaging and Cloud Cap Technology's knowledge of autonomous avionics technologies for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and manned safety and surveillance tasks.

"We have worked with Cloud Cap Technology in the past on various UAV imaging payloads. Since the merging of our two companies, we are now strategically positioned to develop and deliver advanced avionics and imaging solutions to growing ISR demand," says Ed Hart, vice president and general manager for Sensors Unlimited.

Sensors Unlimited's SU640KTSX InGaAs SWIR camera weighs less than 90 g and delivers full-motion video at 640 x 512-pixel resolution (25-µm pixel pitch) in the NIR/SWIR band (0.7–1.7 µm). The small camera configuration simplifies integration into Cloud Cap Technology's family of micro-gimbals, say the companies. The aerial observation combination enables visibility through many atmospheric obscurants like smoke, haze, and fog.

The SWIR camera from Sensors Unlimited has been successfully integrated into Cloud Cap's TASE, TASE Duo, and T2 stabilized micro-gimbals and delivered to multiple Department of Defense (DoD) customers. A TASE Duo implementation with SWIR and EO imagers was tested in flight over an active forest fire, and video imagery from both cameras shows the SWIR imager locating the flames and the path of the fire which the smoke hides from the visible camera. To view the video, visit The slightly larger T2 gimbal has been delivered with a Bi-FOV zoom lens on the SWIR camera, an EO video imager, and a SWIR illuminator.

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