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JULY 10, 2009--StreamPix4 and TroublePix now support the Imperx dual Camera Link ExpressCard/54 video capture card.

JULY 10, 2009--StreamPix4 and TroublePix now support the Imperx dual Camera Link ExpressCard/54 video capture card. The frame grabber is compatible with StreamPix3, StreamPix4, and TroublePix. StreamPix3 allows live recording of uncompressed or compressed video directly to the PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time at up to 798 Mbytes/s. With StreamPix 4, it is possible to view, control, and acquire from multiple cameras simultaneously in the same interface. TroublePix is a single-camera software and hardware solution for event capture, monitoring, and troubleshooting production lines. With the supported frame grabber, users can acquire images from two Camera Link cameras on a laptop, in single frame, multiple frames, or AVI. Cameras can be synchronized using StreamPix-supported triggering devices.
Montreal, QC, Canada

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Imperx dual camera link expresscard /54 video capture card

New NorPix Product Solution

Montreal, May 19, 2009

StreamPix4 and TroublePix now support the Imperx Dual camera link expresscard/54 Video capture card.

Frame grabber features:
-Compatible with StreamPix3, StreamPix4 and TroublePix
-Acquire from 2 camera link cameras on a laptop
-Synchronize cameras using StreamPix supported triggering devices
-Supports two independent CameraLink base interfaces
-ExpressCard/54 compliant
-Provides 2.5 Gbps of bandwidth
-Plug-n-play with hot insertion/removal
-Intelligent scatter/gather DMA engine for fast efficient use of ExpressCard bandwidth and system memory
-Flow-thru pipelined architecture for low latency
-Captures single frame, multiple frames or AVI clips with date/time text overlay
-Unique 'auto-learn' feature that automatically recognizes camera parameters and simplifies CAM file creation
-Built-in CC Pulse Generators
-Includes advanced features including lookup table, histogram and hex pixel dump
-RGB gain/offset controls with auto white balance

NorPix is a leading developer of digital video recording software for acquiring live video directly to hard disk or RAM. User applications of NorPix products include motion analysis, image archiving, flow analysis, medical imaging and web inspection.

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