Basler starts Scout production, includes GigE Vision

Aug. 21, 2006
AUGUST 21--Basler Vision Components (Ahrensburg, Germany) has started production of its new Scout camera models incorporating the GigE Vision standard.

AUGUST 21--Basler Vision Components (Ahrensburg, Germany) has started production of its new Scout camera models. The platform concept used on the Scout means that more than 28 camera models can be made available with the same form factor, similar interfaces, similar software and drivers, and attractive pricing. The scA750-60fm, for example, starts with a list price of €499 and will make digital cameras attractive for analog users.

Another new technology incorporated into the camera is the GigE Vision standard. With GigE Vision, longer cable lengths are easy and cost-effective. With a data rate of up to 100 Mbytes/s, GigE Vision allows a move away from more expensive Camera Link solutions and eliminates the need for a frame grabber.

The platform concept will let users combine as many different models as they desire without changing their software applications. This provides the highest flexibility and lets users react to their customer demands more quickly and with less effort.

About half of the 28 camera models will become available during mid-September. One model is the scA1400-17 with a FireWire-b or Gigabit Ethernet interface. Equipped with Sony's ICX285 CCD sensor, this camera has 1.45-Mpixel resolution, excellent image quality, high sensitivity, and low noise. It is based on a Sony CCD sensor and offers a very cost-effective camera for analog to digital conversion. With an image-acquisition rate up to 70 frames/s, this camera is ideal for use in industrial production processes such as online failure detection in production and quality control.

The scA1000-30 is also aimed at users switching from analog to digital solutions. With 1034 x 779 resolution and 30-frames/s acquisition rate, even fast production processes can be controlled by this camera.

The scA640-74 is equipped with Sony's ICX414 CCD sensor and offers the best image quality and high sensitivity. It has an acquisition rate up to 74 frames/s. This camera is for use in industrial production process control, even in the most demanding environments. Its low noise level also useful for medical and diagnostic imaging applications.

For more information, contact the company at +49 4102 463-500, e-mail [email protected], or visit

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