Schneider-Kreuznach enters LED lighting market

Schneider-Kreuznach is expanding its product line to include LED illumination. Currently, it is developing applications in the areas of machine vision and medical and semiconductor technologies.

Schneider-Kreuznach (Bad Kreuznach, Germany) is expanding its product line to include LED illumination. The company will design and produce customized solutions combining precision and brightness for demanding tasks. Currently, it is developing applications in the areas of machine vision, and medical and semiconductor technologies.

“We have already received several inquiries and are planning to offer LED illumination systems that fully capture the potential of our high-precision photographic lenses,” said Josef Staub, CEO of the Schneider Group. Product designers are exploring new ways of overcoming mechanical and thermal hurdles. The aim is to increase the level of efficiency so that a higher performance can be achieved with fewer LEDs.

In addition to the visible range, there are plans for UV and infrared applications. The first products are expected to come onto the market during 2010.

In separate news, the company announced plans to make its R&D team more decentralized and international. Staff in the different locations are coordinated and managed from Bad Kreuznach by CTO Lingli Wang. “We are pooling our expertise in a decentralized structure based on cooperation. With our subsidiaries, we are closer to the market and our customers, and can act more purposefully and faster,” she notes.

Following the takeover of ISCO last year and its integration, the focus in Göttingen is on cinematography and home cinema. The Schneider Group’s activities in Los Angeles and New York are centered on digital cinema applications. PENTACON in Dresden specializes in the areas of industrial imaging, automotive, mechanical manufacturing, and optoelectronics. Each location generally develops the concepts for its own products.

In Bad Kreuznach, prototypes are built, performance tests carried out, and special product development initiated. Research also focuses on photography, filters, industrial lenses, measurement systems, image sensors and image processing, analog and digital projection, illumination, and ophthalmic optics.

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