IB/E telecentric lenses work with 16 MB cameras

July 22, 2010
IB/E has released telecentric Prime Series are bitelecentric for 16 MB cameras.


Telecentric Lenses – Prime Series TZP250-0.17-200
Our telecentric Prime Series are bitelecentric for 16 MB cams with superior contrast and low distortion. We already presented the first optics: Our telecentric lens with 250 mm object field TZP250-0.17-200. This optics offers superior image quality over the whole field at a Ø 43 mm image circle. The lens works well for the complete visible wavelength spectrum. See the resolution of more than 64 % at 32 lp/mm! The objective is telecentric on both sides - therefore minimizing shading effects!

IB/E Ing.-Buero Klaus Eckerl
Industriestr. 6D-94116 Hutthurm GERMANY
Fon: +49/8505/3222
Fax: +49/8505/3400
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.IB-Eckerl.de

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