Critical Link announces InGaAs camera among extensions to embedded camera line

April 19, 2010
MityCCD cameras are now available with front-illuminated, deep depletion, open electrode, and InGaAs sensors.


Critical Link (Syracuse, NY, USA), an electronics product development company, has announced the expansion of its MityCCD scientific camera line. In addition to the back-illuminated sensors that Critical Link cameras have historically employed, MityCCD cameras are now available with front-illuminated, deep depletion, open electrode, and InGaAs sensors. These additions will enable Critical Link’s OEM customers—including high-performance scientific instrumentation, scientific imaging, and industrial inspection application providers—to take advantage of the MityCCD’s benefits: low noise, high value, and full configurability and programmability.

MityCCD cameras were designed with OEM applications in mind, and include the MityDSP—an embedded, fully configurable, and programmable CPU platform—onboard, removing the need for a cumbersome and costly external host to process application data. MityCCD cameras are available in several housing options. Compact in size, the cameras can be easily embedded within an application, or, in some cases, have the application embedded within them. Key camera components are customizable.

“With our new cameras we’re now covering the full light spectrum, from UV to infrared,” said Omar Rahim, Critical Link’s vice president of product development. “And with our broad range of cameras and options, we’ve now got the application--and price/performance--spectrum covered as well.”

Key technologies utilized in the MityCCD imaging platform include: low-noise analog front-end electronics that’s well matched to the target sensors and designed to deliver a very low noise signal; a vacuum chamber and TE cooling for low dark current; and a digital subsystem consisting of a 16-bit ADC, USB and Ethernet communication interfaces, and a high-performance CPU engine. This CPU engine, Critical Link’s MityDSP, enables complex and sophisticated applications to be run directly on the camera.

In addition to the extensions to the MityCCD product line—which use sensors from Hamamatsu, e2v, and Sensors Unlimited—Critical Link also announced the MityCAM, designed for machine-vision applications and based on CMOS sensors available from Aptina (formerly Micron). Customers also have the option of integrating other sensors.

About Critical Link
Critical Link is an electronics product development company providing products and services to a broad range of industries. Critical Link is located in Syracuse, NY.

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