Andor releases blue-photon sensitive EMCCD camera

May 5, 2010
Andor Technology plc has released its iXonEM Blue EMCCD (Electron Multiplying CCD) camera.


Andor Technology plc (Andor; Belfast, Northern Ireland), a provider of scientific imaging, spectroscopy solutions, and microscopy systems, has released its iXonEM Blue EMCCD (Electron Multiplying CCD) camera. This latest addition to Andor’s family of low light imaging cameras is based around a blue-enhanced variant of a popular 512 × 512 back-illuminated EMCCD sensor, and is engineered to deliver up to greater than 20% additional sensitivity to blue wavelength photons.

Since Andor pioneered the first scientific EMCCD cameras in 2001, the technology has rapidly evolved to become the gold standard in ultra-sensitive imaging. iXonEM Blue, which offers enhanced QE performance between 300 nm to 470 nm, benefits from all of the leading performance attributes of Andor’s award winning EMCCD technology, including -100C thermoelectric cooling, industry fastest frame rates, lowest spurious noise floor, RealGain calibration of EM gain control, and advanced quantitative stability.

Dr. Colin Coates, product manager within Andor Technology, said, "We are delighted to add the iXonEM Blue to our range of high end EMCCDs, which already have a well established reputation for superior performance and reliability. Customer feedback has indicated that this blue-enhanced single photon sensitive camera will be put to good use across a number of specific applications, including ultra-cold ion imaging, luminescence detection, and calcium signaling.”

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