Infrared cameras help researchers survey bird populations

Researchers in Peking University have reported that infrared-triggered cameras are invaluable for surveying reclusive species in two nature reserves.

Researchers in Beijing, People's Republic of China, have reported on the use of infrared-triggered cameras as an effective tool to survey bird populations in Wanglang and Wolong Nature Reserves. The researchers concluded that infrared cameras--in this case from Non Typical (Park Falls, WI, USA) and of their own design--were invaluable for surveying these reclusive species.

Sheng Li of the Peking University, College of Life Sciences, Beijing published the results of their research in Ibis (“The use of infrared-triggered cameras for surveying phasianids in Sichuan Province”, China. Ibis, 2010;152 (2):299-309). For more information, see the article in PDF.

Posted by Conard Holton, Vision Systems Design

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