Raytheon Infrared security camera is for any situation

Sept. 27, 2004
SEPTEMBER 27--Raytheon Infrared (Dallas, TX; www.Thermal-Eye.com) has expanded the available lens options for its Thermal-Eye TSC series security cameras.

SEPTEMBER 27--Raytheon Infrared (Dallas, TX; www.Thermal-Eye.com) has expanded the available lens options for its Thermal-Eye TSC series security cameras. Thermal-Eye TSC cameras use heat, not light, to detect intruders in total darkness. Because they make it easy to spot intruders in pitch-black areas, over water, and in dark corners, thermal-imaging cameras are superior in many situations to traditional CCTV cameras, image intensifiers, or near-infrared cameras. Now, with the long-range, medium-range, and wide-angle lenses, the Thermal-Eye TSC series cameras provide increased coverage for all perimeter security needs including longer distances and wider areas.

"Raytheon is responding to the diverse needs of security professionals by expanding its lens offerings," said Raytheon Infrared president Chris Bade. "These new lenses offer security personnel three effective options for early detection in their fight against suspicious activity or intrusion."

The long-range (9°)lens enables the user to detect intruders up to 2100 feet away. The camera is ideal for protecting perimeters, waterfronts, and critical infrastructure. With this setup, users are not forced to purchase several traditional CCTV cameras and place those units in strategic locations. In fact, it can take up to 10 or more CCTV cameras with added lighting to do the work of a single Thermal-Eye TSC series camera with the long distance lens. Fewer cameras purchased means up-front savings and reduced maintenance costs over the course of ownership.

With the medium-range (17°) lens, the user has an expanded field of view and can detect people up to 1000 feet away. The medium-range TSC camera works well for high-risk facility security, perimeter security, and some waterfront security. The medium field of view provides good coverage for the majority of general security needs. The medium-range lens on the TSC also offers security capability that is far more cost effective than traditional CCTV cameras.

The wide-angle TSC camera (50°) provides the broadest field of view and enables security personnel to clearly detect people up to 300 feet away. Because of its wide-area viewing capability, the Thermal-Eye TSC series camera equipped with the wide-angle lens offers advanced viewing capabilities that CCTV cannot. With the ability to spot intruders easily at night, it is ideal for entry protection, close perimeter surveillance and dark corner visibility. Each of the cameras features plug-and-play compatibility with standard CCTV systems and enclosures. That means no costly system overhaul or replacement of infrastructure. These cameras also reduce or eliminate the need for security lighting, which can be obtrusive and expensive to install and maintain.

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