JUNE 28--Pleora Technologies (Ottawa, Canada; www.pleora.com) has announced an agreement with The JAI Group of Copenhagen, Denmark (www.jai.com) to collaborate on industrial vision solutions that deliver video and imaging data over high-performance, low-cost GigE connections. Under the agreement, Pleora is working with JAI to produce GigE connectivity products that allow industrial cameras in the JAI and PULNiX product lines to stream data in real time across standard GigE links. With GigE connectivity, JAI cameras serve as the electronic eyes of new-generation vision solutions that combine high-speed performance with architectural flexibility, scalable processing, ease of use, and long-distance reach.

Pleora Technologies is a supplier of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connectivity solutions for vision systems. Pleora's iPORT products stream imaging data over low-cost GigE connections with very high performance, while at the same time giving vision systems long-distance reach, scaleable processing, flexible networking, and unmatched ease of use.

JAI was established in 1963 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has subsidiaries in Japan, USA, Germany, and UK. The JAI Group has annual sales of more than USD 50 million and employs 260 people worldwide. At the end of April 2003, JAI AS announced the purchase of PULNiX America Inc. Now named JAI PULNiX Inc., the company continues to provide world-class video products and technology to its existing customers while taking advantage of the JAI Group's technological, production, customer service and marketing capabilities to serve new markets.

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