Electrophysics chooses BFi OPTiLAS as exclusive distributor in Europe

Feb. 24, 2004
FEBRUARY 24--BFi OPTiLAS International (Evry, France; www.bfioptilas.com) has been chosen by Electrophysics (www.electrophysics.com) as exclusive partner in Europe for its complete infrared product line.

FEBRUARY 24--BFi OPTiLAS International (Evry, France; www.bfioptilas.com), Pan-European specialist distributor for the imaging market, has been chosen by Electrophysics (www.electrophysics.com) as exclusive partner in Europe for its complete infrared product line. Electrophysics develops advanced near-infrared, night vision, and thermal imaging systems for use in industry, law enforcement, and the military around the world. Both companies' aim to provide high-performance infrared cameras at medium/low price.

BFi OPTiLAS, an AVNET Company, is a pan-European technical distributor of specialist products and services, including design-engineering support, to the electronics and photonics markets. BFi OPTiLAS focuses on niche technology products such as magnetic, lasers, sensors, connectors, electro-optics, imaging, fiber optics, RF & microwave, and other specialty components, systems, assemblies, and metals. Some 310 sales engineers and other staff are employed at 12 offices throughout Europe.

The EZ Therm is a powerful, yet low-cost, thermographic camera featuring outstanding image quality, accurate temperature measurement, wide temperature range up to 500°C, and an integrated visible flash. Unlike competing low-cost thermal cameras, EZ Therm incorporates a 320 x 240 image sensor with more than 76,000 elements delivering 4X the image resolution and 4X smaller measurement spot size over 160 x 120 resolution systems. EZ Therm is easy to operate and features the latest Compaq iPAQ PDA and its brilliant color display, touch screen, and button interface. Thermal and visible images recorded in the field are easily transferred to a computer for further analysis and report generation. ReportIR, Electrophysics' powerful Windows application, simplifies report preparation and image analysis.

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