Excelitas Technologies Launches New FLIM Camera

May 30, 2024
Camera designed for a variety of vision applications in sectors such as life sciences.

Excelitas Technologies Corp. has launched a new flourescence lifetime imaging camera, the pco.flim X camera. The monochrome FLIM camera has a CMOS global shutter image sensor. It has 1008 x 1008 resolution, 5.6 x 5.6 µm pixel size, and framerate of 45 double frames per second. It has a lifetime range of 1 ns to 100 µs. It has modulation frequencies of 5kHz to 40 MHz out and 500 kHz to 40 MHz out, and a 108.6 lp/mm modulation transfer function. It has a fullwell capacity of 52,000 e, 60dB dynamic range, 370 to 780 nm spectral range, and peak quantum efficiency of 39% .

The camera uses a C-Mount lens mount with F and TFL-Mounts available. The camera has a 95 x 90 x 109 mm footprint, weighs 2.4 kg, and has an operating temperature range of 5° to 40°C. The camera is designed for a wide variety of vision systems applications in the life science and metrology sectors, including fluorescence lifetime imaging in widefield microscopy, inspection, and improved classifications of used wood, solar cell research, and quality control applications.

To Learn More:

Contact: Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Headquarters: Waltham, MA, USA

Product: pco.flim X 

Key Features: 1008 x 1008 resolution, CMOS global shutter sensor, 1 ns to 100 µs lifetime range

What Excelitas Technologies Corp. says: View more information on pco.flim X camera.

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