Theia Technologies Launches New Lens System

June 28, 2024
System designed especially for integration into automated vision systems, robotics, and intelligent traffic systems.

Theia Technologies recently launched its IQ Lens System, which includes a motorized lens, motorized control board, software, and graphical user interface.

It is one of three products entered in the Edge Awards for the machine vision category. Edge Award winners will be chosen by the readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design. 

The first lens in the series, the TL1250P-IQ, is a CS-mount, 12.4 MPixel resolution telephoto lens designed for use with 1/1.7 in sensors. With a focal range of 2m to infinity, the lens has a 12 to 50 mm focal length, P-iris, and an image circle of Ø9.4mm at FL 12mm. It has an F stop range from F/1.8 @ 12mm to F/2.4 @ 50mm to close, with IR correction of 440 to 950 nm. It has a back focal length of 8.2 mm, chief ray angle of less than 7°, geometric distortion of less than 10% at 12mm, less  than 2% at 50mm, relative illumination of greater than 40%, and lens transmission of less than 80%.

The TL1250P-IQ lens is 64 mm long, total track length, and weighs 74 g. It has an operating temperature range of -20° to 60°C and can operate in up to 70 percent non-condensing humidity conditions.

The IQ Lens System also comes  with the MCR IQ motor control board and software, which allows users to control zoom, focus, P-iris, and optional IR filters for the lens.

The IQ Lens System is designed especially for easy integration into automated vision systems.

To Learn More:

Contact: Theia Technologies

Headquarters: Wilsonville, OR, USA

Product: IQ Lens System

Key Features: choice of motorized lenses, motorized control board, designed for easy integration. 

What Theia Technologies says: View more information on IQ Lens Series

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