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Wilson’s Websites brings you the latest information on what’s new on the web. To accomplish this, we provide links to tutorial information, hardware or software product developments, product database information, technical articles, associations, and on-line magazines. If you or your company would like to be considered for Wilson’s Websites, please contact Andy Wilson at andyw@pennwell.com.

Cast parts

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Novacam Technologies manufactures fiber-based profilometers for metrology and process-control applications. On this site, you can see how the systems are used in machine vision, ball-grid-array inspection, and the surface inspection of cast parts.

High-speed imaging

www.greatrivertech.com Offering both custom and off-the-shelf board-level products for high-speed and low-latency video links and point-to-point data transmission using fiberoptics, Great River Technology’s site features a number of frame grabbers and graphics generators.

Industrial applications

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New Zealand-based CamSensor develops and manufactures machine-vision systems for industrial applications. Systems based on the company’s 640 × 480 CMOS-based CS4 rugged smart camera inspect bottles, cans, labels, and printed text, as well as performing 3-D profiling.

Value added

As a VAR and distributor, Pyramid Imaging offers frame grabbers, cameras, monitors, digital recording, optics, lighting and software-all of which can be priced and ordered online.

Digital motion

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Software for motion analysis and digital video recording can be found at Spica Technology. Of particular interest is the company’s digital motion-analysis system that supports many Camera Link, LVDS EIA-644, RS422 progressive-scan digital cameras.

CMOS “sees” heat

RedShift Systems claims to have developed a thermal light valve that shifts long-wavelength thermal infrared radiation to CMOS-visible light, allowing standard CMOS cameras to “see heat.”

Super displays

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Superimaging develops display-on-glass technology that transforms any pane of glass into an electronic display panel while not blocking the view through it. Go to the Web site, watch the demo load, and be amazed!

Lab test

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Custom software, vision training, vision specific products and consulting services for the machine vision industry are offered by Machine Vision Consulting (MVC). Most recently MVC has opened a new machine vision lab in Westborough, MA.

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