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Sept. 1, 2002
Digital Camera Family with Fire Wire; StreamPix :Live uncompressed video recording to disk; CMC-1300, More...

Digital Camera Family with Fire Wire

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KAPPA offers new cameras based on Fire Wire high-speed bus with 400 Mbit/s data transfer. Outstanding features : 2 ports Fire Wire, Progressive Scan, high resolution and sensitivity, 12 or 16 bit, interfaces (Fire Wire, RS 422, Twain, Programmer´s Interface, Software), many functions, and user friendly software. Available as OEM-Version.
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StreamPix :Live uncompressed video recording to disk.

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With StreamPix record live un-compressed or compressed video directly to your pc's hard disk in real time. GUI provides video like features. StreamPix supports a wide selection of IEEE, RS170 and digital cameras plus frame grabbers from Matrox and Coreco Record at frames rates of up to 500 fps and up to 75 Mbytes per second.
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TThe DSPC6000 VISION BOX is an embedded image processing system which supports IEEE 1394 cameras. In addition to standard interfaces like V.24, dig. I/O and keyboard the powerful box supports ethernet or fieldbus communication. The Vision Box addresses machine builder and all applications where an embedded solution is more useful than a PC.


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The CMC-1300 is a new, very fast high-resolution CMOS camera developed and produced by VDS Vosskühler. The camera has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 square pixels in the progressive mode and can record up to 485 frames/sec. at full resolution. Due to the "Camera-Link" output, the images can be transferred in real-time with 660 MB/sec. to a suitable PC grabber
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PixeLINK Megapixel FireWire Cameras

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Shorten your integration time with PixeLINK C-mount cameras. The simple yet fully featured PixeLINK API for C++ and Visual Basic ensures quick and easy integration. No framegrabber required! A single standard FireWire interface and one cable are all you need.
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Optikos Lens Testing and Design

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Optikos's Lens Measurement Services can measure MTF, EFL, BFL and other optical performance specifications for lenses covering from the UV to the Thermal IR. Using its state-of-the-art, OpTest ™ measurement system and patented VideoMTF software, we offer first article and contract measurement services for small-medium lens manufacturers. Visit today
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