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Th 98761
Th 98761
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Camera stops motion
MotionMeter hand-held slow-motion digital imaging camera can capture images for high-speed motion analysis. Digital image capture uses an optional USB-based video-to digital image transfer. Sensitivity ranges from 0.5 to 5 lux at 250 frames/s. Recording rates run at 50 (PAL), 60 (NTSC), and 125 to 1000 frames/s for manual and trigger recording modes. Exposure rates cover 1 to 20 times the recording rate. Frame storage delivers up to 4098 frames with playback rates from 1 to 1000 frames/s, forward and reverse. The camera measures 8 X 5 X 2.7 in., weighs 1.5 lb, and uses a C-mount.
Redlake MASD Inc.
San Diego, CA 92121
(800) 462-4307.
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Cameras come in 15 models
HVSOLO 10-bit digital linescan cameras are available in 15 models that offer seven pixel-array lengths, three output tap arrangements, and two pixel sizes. Total pixel data rates range from 40 to 80 MHz, depending on the number of pixels and taps. Sensor resolutions cover 512 X 1 to 3072 X 1 pixels with 14-µm sq pixels; other sensors use 7-µm sq pixels. To compensate for nonuniformities due to the sensor, optics, or lighting, all models include a real-time digital radiometric correction function. A Windows-based camera control- tool software package provides interactive user control of camera functions. All models are supplied with either parallel LVDS or serial Camera Link interfaces. The cameras operate from 15-Vdc power.
Pacific Photonics Inc.
Los Altos, CA 94024
(650) 428-0409.
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Th 98763
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Frames grabbed on four channels
PC_Eye_2+ RGB color PCI frame grabber provides four video input channels that can acquire images or image sequences directly into main memory. In quadro mode, the four images are stored in separate memory regions as monochrome images. An on-board sync generator comes with four 75-ohm outputs. Four independent A/D converters digitize data with 8 bits of resolution each at rates between 5 and 32 MHz. Each A/D converter can sample data from the four input ports. Optoisolated trigger inputs with additional outputs are used for camera triggering. Drivers are supplied for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000, and a setup program supports board test and configuration under Windows.
American Eltec Inc.
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 878-4085.
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Th 98764
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Light pipe works tough
IP67 series of watertight, panel-mount, flexible light pipes provide a splash-proof microfrensel 0.29-in. (7.4-mm) lens and bezel subassembly in an anodized black or bright stainless-steel finish. It presents a 160° viewing angle for operation in harsh environments and offers light transmission of an LED's intensity over a distance of up to 100 m (328 ft) away. The light pipe comes in a standard 12-in.-long, 2-mm-diameter thermally encapsulated unit. Preassembled units with through-hole LEDs can be mounted directly to PCB boards.
Bivar Inc.
Irvine, CA 992618
(949) 951-8808.
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Camera stops action
DALSTAR 1M28-SA stop-action CMOS-area camera provides a 1-Mpixel CMOS image sensor capable of delivering 27 frames/s at full resolution. It features LinLog technology that increases the intrascene dynamic range up to 120 dB for handling applications dealing with large differences in brightness. Global nonrolling shuttering reduces image blur by simultaneously exposing the entire pixel array rather than sequencing the exposure line-by-line. The camera incorporates programmable and diagnostic features that are accessible through a Camera Link MDR26 connector. Packaged in a small housing, it offers 8- or 10-bit digital outputs and can achieve rates of more than 100,000 frames/s with windowing.
DALSA, Waterloo, Ont.
Canada N2V 2E9
(519) 886-6000.
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Software prototypes vision use
NI Vision 6.1 development module is a bundle of software consisting of IMAQ Vision 6.1 and IMAQ Vision Builder 6.1. It enables designers to prototype embedded vision applications and generate LabView programs on a host computer and deploy them on a real-time PXI platform. Pattern-matching accuracy is improved up to 10X, and performance delivers faster learning speeds, smaller image template size, and up to a 2X increase in search speed. IMAQ vision library provides more than 300 machine-vision and scientific-imaging functions. IMAQ Vision Builder interactive platform permits prototyping and benchmarking vision applications without programming.
National Instruments
Austin, TX 78759
(800) 258-7022.
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Software is updated
Sapera 4.1 image-processing library now provides more than 300 functions and added support features that speed application development. Optimized for Intel's MMX, SSE, and SSE-2 instruction sets, the software library includes the Smart Series, a collection of application-specific libraries for pattern matching (Smart Search), optical character recognition (Smart OCR), and 1-D/2-D barcode (Smart Matrix). Added TWAIN support enables image capture from company frame grabbers without additional programming. DirectDraw 8.1-compliant, the software library extends Windows 2000/XP capability using third-party VGA cards for the Bandit-II Series frame grabbers and user-defined custom camera controls for the Viper-CamLink frame grabbers. Its hardware-independent software libraries are programmable using C-dynamic link libraries (DLLs), ActiveX Controls, and C++ classes. Applications can be developed using Microsoft Visual C/C++ and VisualBasic and Borland C++ Builder under Windows NT/2000/XP.
Coreco Imaging Inc.
Billerica, MA 01821
(978) 670-2000.
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Th 98767
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Camera system records to disk
Omni-Speed LR400 motion-imaging system uses a high-speed 640 X 480-pixel camera that can record directly to high-capacity disks. It comes in a rugged portable housing with a touchscreen LCD that can access a Windows-based GUI. Image-capture speed ranges from 50 to 400 frames/s for up to 100 minutes of real-time digital recording. Optional GPS/IRIG-B interface records microsecond timing on each frame in real time and can synchronize multiple cameras. Slow-motion sequences are stored in OSM, TIFF, or AVI formats.
Speed Vision Technologies Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 450-7107.
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Th 98768
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Meter reads light
Optronik MiniLux 2000 hand-held illuminance meter measures ambient light. It provides a six-decade graded measurement range of 0.0001 to 200,000 lux at a resolution of 0.001 lux. Measurements can be optionally extended to 2 Mlux. A silicon photoelement comes with a cosine corrector, is accurately aligned to the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, and meets the requirements of DIN 5032, class A and b, and CIE No. 69. A front-panel keypad is used to obtain measured results on a 3.5-digit graphic display. As many as 2000 measurements can be stored in interval measurement mode for downloading to a PC via an RS-232 interface and exported to Excel or ASCII values for statistical analysis.
Labsphere Inc.
North Sutton, NH 03260
(603) 927-4266.
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Software supports FireWire
Release 3.0 of PixeLink capture software and device drivers supports the PixeLink line of megapixel FireWire cameras. It adds dark-frame subtraction and background correction techniques to improve the preview and snapshot picture quality, particular for microscopy applications; the ability to perform an auto-white balance adjustment against a user-selected "off-white" color; and a time-lapse image-capture option. Features allow the use of a foot-operated remote control for white balance, autoexposure, and image capture. Installation and operation are supported on the Windows XP/98(SE)/Me/2000 and Mac OS 9.
Vitana Corp.
Ottawa, Ont., Canada K1H 1E1
(613) 247-1211.
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Th 98769
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Camera contains three CCDs
MS4100 progressive-scan digital camera acquires images with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels at 10 frames/s. It uses a color-separating prism and three Kodak KAI series 1-in. CCD sensors to support RGB, color infrared, and four-band spectral configurations from 400 to 1000 nm. A Camera Link data interface, a parallel LVDS, or an RS-422 output is available via 8 bits X 4 taps or 10 bits X 3 taps. Pixel size is 7.4 X 7.4 µm, and the pixel clock rate is 22 MHz. Signal-to-noise ratio is 60 dB. Other features include an electronic shutter range of 1/6,000 to 1/5 s, gain selection range of 0 to 36 dB, and programmable multiplexing, trigger modes, and custom processing.
Duncan Technologies Inc.
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 888-6565.
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Th 98770
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LED lights shine
LED lighting products are available with 660-nm (red), 880-nm (near red), white, or RGB illumination. An RGB option permits individual control of red, green, and blue LED intensity. Diffuselite products provide a projected light distribution of ±5% edge to edge with white, 660-nm, or RGB LEDs. Ringlights and spotlights come in four colors and offer a projected light distribution of ±5% or ±10% edge to edge, respectively. Line lights generate a white line 3 in. long and 0.25 in. wide at a standoff distance of 1 in. with a light distribution of ±5% over the illuminated area. Backlights provide 50 X 50-, 100 X 100-, or 100 X 200-mm active areas with 660 nm, 880 nm, or white LEDs. Darkfield lights come with 660 nm or white LEDs arranged in a circle with a diameter of 2.15 or 5 in.
Edmund Industrial Optics Inc.
Barrington, NJ 08007
(856) 573-6250.
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Th 98771
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Checker does OCR
A230 OCR (optical character recognition) uses a micro-image checker, dual cameras, and a keypad to provide 512 X 480-pixel resolution, 256 gray-scale levels, and five user-customizable character dictionaries. Two dictionaries furnish OCR-A and OCR-B fonts. Remaining dictionaries are available for user-assigned characters. The checker includes image-processing tools for automatic image retention memory, smart matching, OCV, lead inspection, and various communication protocols. It performs various OCR and OCV inspections; recognizes dot-matrix, joined, chipped, and blurred characters; and performs neural-network learning.
Aromat Corp.
New Providence, NJ 07974
(908) 464-3550.
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Th 98772
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Camera targets spectroscopy
SpectraCAM line of cooled, randomly addressable, scientific imaging cameras focus on spectroscopy applications. They feature 27 X 27-µm pixels using a 540 X 540-pixel RACID86 sensor or a 1024 X 1024-pixel RACID84 sensor. Proprietary RACID Exposure software automatically varies exposure time from pixel to pixel based upon real-time observation of the signal intensity. Proprietary random-access integration results in a linear dynamic range exceeding nine orders of magnitude or 30 bits using a single exposure period. Antiblooming performance ensures accurate image detail under extreme lighting conditions, and wavelength coverage allows sensitivity from 160 to 1100 nm. Additional coatings are available for deep ultraviolet and direct x-ray imaging. The 16-bit gray-level camera controller uses a Pentium PC with a 100-Mbit/s Ethernet host-controller communications link. Camera software also supports the export of data in various imaging (JPEG and TIF) and spreadsheet formats.
Liverpool, NY 13088
(315) 451-9410.
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Ringlights abound
NerLite Ring LED illuminator series comes with integrated lens, LED circuits, housing, and a single threaded lock ring. The lens is recessed and secured within the housing around the entire aperture. A flexible power cable is secured to the housing with strain relief. Ring apertures accommodate a variety of lens sizes and light-to-lens positioning options. Mounting options include metric-threaded 'blind' holes that isolate electrical components from mounting hardware and accessory lens adapters for direct mounting to the filter threads of common camera lenses. The illuminators include the R-60-1 Series with 60-mm outside diameter (OD), 34.5-mm inside diameter (ID), and 24 LEDs; R-60-2 Series with 60-mm OD, 34.5-mm ID, and 48 LEDs; R-70-1 Series with 70-mm OD, 43.4-mm ID, and 24 LEDs; and R-70-2 Series with 70-mm OD, 43.4-mm ID, and 48 LEDs. Each series offers focal lengths of 70, 102 or 127 mm and red (660 nm) or white (6500 Kelvin) LEDs.
Weare, NH 03281
(603) 529-2385.
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Camera does networking
DN100 digital network camera captures, transfers, and monitors micro/macro images simultaneously, enabling viewing of images at several locations in real time. It is platform independent, attaches directly to a local-area network or the Internet, and is accessed through standard browsers. This stand-alone camera uses a standard monitor up to 1280 X 1024-pixel resolution without the need for a PC or special software to capture and transfer images. The camera delivers 1.3-Mpixel resolution color images at 15 frames/s. Captured images can be transferred to networked users simultaneously at 1 frame/2 s through 1 frame every 10 minutes, suiting time-lapse applications. Images can be directly stored on an optional PCMCIA type II card. Configured with a stereoscopic microscope, the camera can examine a master sample and a production product in two-image split-screen mode.
Nikon Instruments Inc.
Melville, NY 11747
(800) 526-4566.
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Light pipe forms backlights
PHLOX patented optical light pipe enables the production of several backlights with dimensions of 2 X 2, 4 X 4, and 8 X 8 in. and luminances above 10,000 cd/m2, 8000 cd/m2, and 4500 cd/m2, respectively. Custom backlights are available up to 30 X 24 in. (800 X 600 mm). All versions work at a low operating temperature of 90°F/40°C. Featuring a plasticity capability and a thickness of 1 to 12 mm (0.04 to 0.48 in.), the light pipes can be formed into various backlight shapes. Key features include a light conductivity of >90% and a surface and angle distribution uniformity of >90%.
Leutrek Vision Inc.
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 238-0213.
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