Industrial PC hangs tough, Camera saves space, Lenses focus on gauging, Software update, Camera sees near-IR, CMOS camera uses x-rays, Camera offers three-chip heads, Frame grabbers support RGB, Sensors acquire x-ray images

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Th 89242
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Industrial PC hangs tough
SuperTrim STR 15 industrial-grade PCs provide a sealed 15.1-in., 250-nit TFT LCD display with 10243 X 768-pixel resolution. Optional analog-resistive touchscreen reacts to a finger, a glove, or a stylus. NEMA 4/12 heavy-duty aluminum bezel resists dirt, oil, and water. Ports include two USBs, four COM, one 10/100Base-T Ethernet, and one RJ-11 digital I/O. Slots accommodate two 9.4-in. expansion, one PCI or ISA, and one PCI. Processors offer a choice of Pentium III 800 MHz or Celeron 533 MHz with 128 Mbytes of RAM, upgradeable to 256 Mbytes, 4 Mbytes of video RAM, a 20-Gbyte hard drive, a 24X CD ROM drive, and a floppy drive. CyberResearch Inc., Branford, CT 06405; (203) 483-8815.

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Camera saves space
CDC-100 digital CMOS camera provides 1280 X 1024-pixel resolution for space-constrained machine-vision applications. It performs a direct 1:1 conversion of the digitized image for low noise. A configurable region-of-interest feature helps to select and acquire a limited area within an image. Camera interfaces to the company's MVS-8100D frame grabber and its library of vision software tools. Available in one-, two-, and three-channel versions, the frame grabber enables interchangeability of any combination of up to three cameras. Asynchronous acquisition support helps each camera to accept triggers and acquire images independently. Cognex Corp., Natick, MA 01760; (508) 650-3000.

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Lenses focus on gauging
Invarigon-R line of telecentric and metrology imaging lenses provides a variety of magnifications using C-mounts. Image magnification does not change as object distance varies. Lenses provide a <0.2% chief ray angle over the entire object field for precise gauging of 3-D objects. Lockable aperture adjusts to select the required depth of field. Fine focus adjustment helps sharpen images. Single-piece design withstands harsh environments. Multilayer coatings enhance image clarity, especially for backlit applications. Melles Griot, Rochester, NY 14620; (585) 244-7220.

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Software update
LabVIEW 6.1 graphical development software upgrades the creation of remote applications and integrates the latest XML technologies. It enables designers to control and share their applications using a common Web browser. It works with Windows XP and the import and export of XML-formatted data to integrate virtual instruments with Web or database applications. Patent-pending point-by-point analysis libraries enhance real-time response for acquiring and processing data. Fast-Fourier-transform analysis speed is increased 10X over version 6i and 100X over version 5.1. The real-time and datalogging and supervisory control modules have been updated. National Instruments, Austin, TX 78759; (800) 258-7022.

Camera sees near-IR
KP-F120 progressive-scan, 2/3-in. black-and-white CCD camera extends sensitivity to the near-infrared area of the light spectrum with output at 900 nm and higher. Resolution is 1392 X 1040 pixels using a square lattice pixel design. Its frame-on-demand function captures images for processing at a selected time using any of three trigger modes. Full scan runs at 30 frames/s, with partial scan readings to 200 frames/s. It measures 58 X 58 X 48 mm and weighs 200 g. Electronic shutter speed covers from 1/30 to 1/50,000 s in eight settings. Other features include an RS-232C port for remote camera control and a 10-bit, dual-channel LVDS/EIA-644 output. Hitachi Denshi America Ltd., Woodbury, NY 1179; (516) 682-4411.

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CMOS camera uses x-rays
Shad-o-Box 2048 x-ray imaging camera is a stand-alone radiation-imaging device with a 12-bit digital interface. The 49.2 X 98.6-mm CMOS image sensor features 10-line-pair/mm resolution and a 1024 X 2048-pixel photodiode array with 48-µm pixel spacing. Data outputs are transmitted at a 10-MHz combined pixel rate at 4.5 frames/s for full-resolution images and up to 17 frames/s in half-resolution mode. Pixel-clock, line-enable, and frame-enable timing signals are available at the output connector. Standard GdOS phosphor screen detects radiation from 10 to 160 KeV. Rad-icon Imaging Corp., Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 486-0886.

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Camera offers three-chip heads
Model IK-TU51 is a three-chip, 10-bit digital signal-processing camera that offers interchangeable 1/2- or 1/3-in. remote heads. It provides an IT Exwave HAD CCD with a 2-lux sensitivity. Broadcast-level resolution is 800 TV lines and signal-to-noise ratio is 64 dB. Digital and RGB analog outputs are available. Key features include six-vector color-enhancement circuit, electronic shutter speeds to 1/50,000 s, C-mount, white balance, freeze frame, autoexposure, and an RS-232C interface. Cables come in 4-, 8-, 10-, 20-, and 30-m lengths, and 4-, 8-, and 15-mm lenses. Toshiba Imaging Systems, Irvine, CA 92713; (949) 461-4986.

Frame grabbers support RGB
I-RGB 165 and I-RGB 200 frame grabbers and video streamers deliver a pixel jitter of ±0.5 ns, a signal-to-noise ratio of 47 dB, video colorization at 24 bits precolor in three formats, and 8 bits monochrome. They acquire images and video streams at 1600 X 1200 X 75 and 1280 X 1024 X 85 Hz from both standard and nonstandard video inputs up to 165 MHz (I-RGB 165) and 200 MHz (I-RGB 200) via a DIA analog connector. Input resolution is up to 4 Mpixels total area for single-buffered mode and up to 2 Mpixels for double-buffered acquisition mode. Sustained PCI bus transfers run at 120-Mbytes/s to system memory. Software support includes Windows XP/2000/98/NT, Auto-Sync, I-Series, ActiveX controls, Common Vision Blox, and Image-Pro Plus. Foresight Imaging, Chelmsford, MA 01824; (978) 256-4624.

Sensors acquire x-ray images
C7942 and C7943 single-crystal x-ray CMOS sensors provide 2400 X 2400- and 1248 X1248-pixel resolutions, respectively. They deliver 12-bit dynamic range and a 90% fill factor. With 4 X 4 binning, C7942 runs at 9 frames/s and C7943 at 30 frames/s. Pixel sizes are 50 µm (C7942) and 100 µm (C79843); active pixel areas are 120 X 120 mm (C7942) and 124.8 X 124.8 mm (C794), and noise levels are 1100 electrons (C7942) and 2300 electrons (C7943). Dynamic ranges are 2000 (C7942) and 4300 (C7943) and x-ray image resolutions are 8 line-pairs/mm (C7942) and 5 line-pairs/mm (C7943). Hamamatsu Corp., Bridgewater, NJ; (908) 231-0960.

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